3 Pretty Things I've Been Sticking in My Braids

Easy accessories to elevate your braid game.
Publish date:
May 4, 2015
braids, hair accessories, jewelry, flowers, wearing flowers in your hair

As some of you might already know, I’m all about braids this spring. They’re easy to do, they get my super-long hair out of my face, and they give my straight hair texture and volume.

Recently, I’ve been looking to experiment even more with my new favorite hairstyle, so I’ve started adding some accessories into the mix.

Below are three that I’m really loving.


I was initially reluctant to try this since I only ever see people wearing flowers in their hair during weddings, but this was surprisingly wearable.

To avoid overpowering my braid, I stuck to smaller flowers—baby’s breath (I think)—in this case. I cut the stem to about ¾ of an inch and wove it into my braid.

If you want to place the flowers in a braid in the back of your head, like the style I went with, use two mirrors so you can see the back, or ask a friend to help with the placement of the flowers.


I’ve seen this look a couple of times on the web, and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to try it. I think the effect is very eye-catching and edgy. Just please don’t attempt this style while trying to get through airport security.

Instead of using actual rings, which—lets face it—are too frustrating to weave into braids, especially if you have thick hair, I used adjustable chain connectors from an art supply store. I widened the connectors using my fingers and strategically placed and secured them around the strands of my finished braid.

I have a bunch of earrings I never wear that would look great as hair accessories, so I finally decided to use them as such. Clip-ons, as you might guess, work amazingly well for this purpose, but ones with push-backs sometimes work as well. You can even turn jewelry into clips you can wear with braids using Trista’s DIY.

Of the three looks, the flower one is my favorite, but the rings come in a close second.

  • Do you ever decorate your braids?
  • What your favorite way to style your hair during the spring?