I Just Got My Once-a-Month Treat Blowout, and Now I'm Obsessed with Alterna

Luxury products don’t always mean high-performance, but in this case, we’re dealing with rockstar levels of healthy-feeling hair.
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July 26, 2015
blowout, Alterna

On this humid bayou day in NYC, a brisk breeze followed me down Park Avenue to keep my neck cool and preserve the killer blowout I had just gotten. Sometimes the glamour is too real. I also think I might have discovered a very distant relative, because that is the serendipitous nature of my life, and I ain't mad at it.

Rita Perna Allor, a member of Alterna Hair Care's House of Experts, gave me bodacious babe hair in no time at all, and I got to know this very coveted and very well reviewed brand a bit better. When we got to the small talk bit, We discovered that our Sicilian families share a surname and a hometown area. This means there’s a 90% chance we are related, and there’s nothing more Italian than finding a long lost relative in a random situation. With this new bond of potential actual kinship, I felt very at ease since Rita and I also share the bond of hairstylist, I’m Real (™) attitude, and black-sheep badge, which we wear with the utmost pride.

One bond we share as gesticulating migrants with American sensibilities is honesty, and until we confirm the potential familial link, I think that's what convinced me most of all. Rita has worked with Alterna for decades, and this is because she believes in the product. For a medium-sized luxury haircare line to instill such loyalty—and from a Palermitana—impressed me greatly. I have tried a few Alterna goodies here and there, but it’s a real treat when you get a top-down experience with a single line being used beginning to end.

When the products are as good as these, you can feel a difference in your hair nearly immediately. Rita and I talked about all of the ingredients that Alterna uses to beef up their Caviar line, which they clinically test for efficacy—rare in the hair world.

Their use of uncommon and sustainable ingredients like actual caviar extract in the Caviar line is one of the many ways that nutrients and antioxidants make your hair feel so crazy-good. Fermented yeast, also in my darling treatment essences, is supercharged with the minerals silicon (NOT silicone), magnesium, zinc, and iron atoms, which they impart into your hair.

The Caviar Repair Rx Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner instantly left me and my weave with silky strands that combed through quickly. Rita gave me a full regimen’s worth of info as we prepped with the iconic Caviar CC Cream, then misted on their Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray and Moisture Milk, which also have a full run of vitamins, proteins and small particle silicones that evaporate quicker and leave hair soft without any heft or buildup.

Some serum in the form of the much touted Omega Nourishing Oil, the Lengthening Hair and Scalp Elixir, along with some Bamboo Volume 48-Hour Thickening Spray. It’s basically the exact product cocktail I would make at home but with an assortment of brands rather than just one.

Since I myself know how to style hair and mine (beweaved as it is) still behaves itself for stylists, I knew this would be more about how my hair felt and how the style held up the next day. When we were all finished with styling, my hair essentially felt like fresh weave hair straight out of the package. Absolutely perfect! I looked great, and the next day, my hair was greaseless, still plump and shiny; and with a soft ponytail overnight I had to do next to nothing to be wedding-guest perfect!

Luxury doesn’t always mean high-performance, but in this case, hoo boy, we’re dealing with rockstar levels of healthy-feeling hair. Ceramides, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids treat your hair like the skin of a celebrity; Rita even uses the Omega Nourishing Oil all over her body, and when I saw that it was primarily made up of Abyssinian Oil, I knew why. This oil is known for it’s lightness and non-sticky feel, and it's obtained without harm to animals, ecosystems, or its harvesters.

Sicilians are known for our loyalty and integrity, and even if Rita doesn’t turn out to be my 7x-removed cousin through peasant marriage on a pebble beach in 1832, I still learned a lot. I get along so well with hairstylists that I can tell immediately when they are in sales mode and when they are speaking from the heart, and Rita is my kind of salesperson—we don’t "sell," we only recommend things we actually like, because they work.

  • Have you ever bought something highly reccommended for hair that lived up to your expectations?
  • Any other Sicilians out there from Cinisi?!