Blow-Drying Curly Hair Can Be Difficult, But It’s Doable

I prefer the way curly hair looks peeking out from under hats, so I’m going to try and rock the curls more often this winter.
Publish date:
January 16, 2014
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My hair’s crazy-damaged. We’ve been through a lot together.
I try to tenderly care for it with deep-conditioning masks and precious serums,
but I just can’t seem to quit it with the heat styling.

It doesn’t help that it’s winter, and as a pathetic baby
who literally starts to cry when I feel too cold, I can’t walk around with wet
hair in my freezing cold house for even a minute.

In winter, I end up styling my hair straight quite often. I
really couldn’t tell you why. Straight hair just feels more wintery. I do
prefer the way curly hair looks peeking out from under hats and stuffed into a
big scarf, so I’m going to try and rock the curls more often this winter.

Like I mentioned, my hair is really damaged, so it starts to
dry on its own super-quickly. It’s also a lot thinner than most people think it
is, so it doesn’t take long. I start by taking my weekly shower, and I immediately
spray some Organix Instant Repair Weightless Healing Oil.

It helps smooth my
damaged ends, while giving my hair a soft, pretty shine. I like that it’s a
spray because I can get a little heavy handed with oils and serums, and this
one stays light as a feather.

For my next step, I work some sort of curl enhancing product
into all my hairs. Right now, I’m into Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl
Defining Hair Cream.

This cream keeps my curls frizz-free and gives them some
extra oomph. I really like the way it smells, too. It’s got grapeseed oil and
jasmine in it, which sounds fancy, right? I don’t use a whole lot, because we
don’t want crunchy curls ever.

So work that stuff all the way through your hair, but try
not to hit your roots because it can look a bit greasy there.

And here’s the most important step: you need a blowdryer
with an attachment called a finger diffuser. My blowdryer came with this
attachment, but you can find them separately. Just make sure it will
fit onto your dryer.

Then flip your whole cabeza upside down, and blowdry!

I keep
my dryer on the lowest speed and the lowest heat, and you should, too. I run my
fingers through my hair as it dries and I sort of shake my head around like a
manic dog. Sometimes this whole thing makes me dizzy and I have to sit down for
a while. It’s OK.

After it’s all dry, I blast it for a few minutes with that
“Cool” button on the dryer.

Then I usually spray a couple spritzes of that Organix oil
into my hands and use it to tame down the poofiness of my hair.

So far as styling, lately I’ve been pinning my bangs to the
side because I just cannot be bothered.

That’s how I do my hair. How do you do yours?