How To Blow-Dry Your Hair Faster Than Ever Before

Treat your blow-dry routine like your DVR and fast-forward through all that nonsense
Publish date:
January 7, 2015
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Anyone with chemically damaged, let alone chemically-challenged hair, like myself, can tell you that washing and styling your hair is a minefield of sorts. Obviously, you need to wash your hair SOMETIMES, and it will get wet and gross-feeling, and then it will need to be dried and styled in some way.

I’ve always been partial to air-drying, but after going platinum and several other colors, my hair takes FOREVER to dry. I am not kidding when I say that if I wash and towel-dry my hair in the morning, it will not be completely dry until I’m having dinner that night. The new grown-out hair dries at a normal 15-20 minute period, but from mid-shaft to ends, my hair is a damp gummy tangle for several hours.

Even blow-drying takes an extra 40 minutes to get completely dry, in which case I’m even further damaging my hair. I’ve learned to just live with it and try not to heat style except when absolutely necessary. But sometimes a girl’s got to get out of the house on time!

While this might make for a very entertaining door-to-door salesman pitch, let me tell you about Color Wow’s Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray. It promises to “dramatically" (dramatically!) reduce heat-styling time so there’s less physical stress from heat exposure on your hair. Sounds like a smart idea, no? I have tried MANY a blow-dry thermal protectant on the market and most of them are just nice-smelling, oily water. They’re probably protecting my hair but I can’t actually tell.

Normally, I towel-dry my hair and then get dressed and do my makeup before blow-drying. This takes maybe 20 minutes, so my roots are almost completely dry but slightly damp and the rest of the length is still fairly wet.

I spritzed Speed Dry extra-generously on my entire head, combed it in, and plugged in my hair dryer. I’m not even joking: The time for one section of hair to fully dry was less than 30 seconds.

I probably overdid it with that first hank of hair, wrapped around a round boar bristle brush and full-blast heat setting. I stopped blow-drying after about 30 seconds, as I normally do, patted the hair to check, and it was nearly crispy.

Trial two, I blow-dried for about 10 seconds and another small section of hair was pretty much completely dry. Well damn.

It’s actually incredible how fast this made blow-drying. Naturally, I was skeptical. My hair felt normal--not overly soft or plush compared to blow-drying without it, but it was done in nearly 70% less time.

Speed Dry appears to work by countering porosity and filling in the holey shaft with keratin proteins and silk amino acids. The reason hair gets gummy and spaghetti-like is because chemical damage breaks apart the bonds, giving it that elastic feeling and making the core really porous, so it soaks up (and holds onto) whatever you put on top of it. Think about trying to blow-dry a soaking wet kitchen sponge, it'd take forever to get to the center of that.

No matter how you spin it, heat-styling your hair is damaging, but the best way to get around that is to reduce heat exposure altogether. Now if only I had a microwave that would make me an express baked potato…

  • How often do you heat style?
  • Any other chemical-widows out there find a way to air-dry your medusa strands in a visually pleasing manner?