Black Girl, Blonde Wig: How I Found My Beyoncé Blonde

Well, no one can touch Queen Bey's color, but I'm nipping at her Jimmy Choo heels.
Publish date:
July 1, 2014
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Joined by hubby Jay-Z, Beyoncé is on tour again, which means her glorious blonde hair will be whipping around on a stage near you.

I got to thinking about her hair, more particularly, the fact that her hair is blonde and she is black. (Side note: I always think about Beyoncé's hair. I NEED to know the mystical elves that make her units with their tiny, magical hands. I would give up bacon for the rest of my living days to get ahold of just one!)

But seriously... Can the everyday, non-celebrity dark skinned woman wear blonde hair without committing to the process of chemically altering their strands? And can she do so without looking tacky, ratchet, or unnatural?

Kim Kardashian may not be black, but she is a woman of color. The Armenian reality star recently duped her Instagram followers (and pretty much every beauty blogger/website) into thinking she'd gone blonde again.

Nope. Wig.

That just goes to show you that wigs CAN be believable (and beautiful), and they're way better for your hair than bleach or dye. Speaking of which, this black girl certainly isn't going to strip her natural kinky hair texture and black hair color to go blonde. Chemically processing black hair color to blonde hair color is just too damaging.

For me, choosing to wear a blonde wig is the easy part. The hard part is choosing a color(s) to accentuate my honey brown skin. Here's what I learned in my search for the perfect blonde wig.

Choosing A Hair Type

Since I've never had blonde hair, I went the cheap and easy route. Ain't nobody got time or money for a $500+ wig that doesn't match your skin tone, and besides, synthetic wig companies have really upped their game. The construction and fibers of many synthetic wigs look more like human hair than ever before.

Finding Your Color

Every wig has a color code. These codes, which vary from brand to brand, can be composed of numbers, like a basic 1 (black), or numbers and letters, like a 1b (off black). Then there are also wigs that are color coded with several numbers and letters; these wigs have a blend or mixture of colors.

Below, I'm wearing a synthetic wig, called "Giselle," from the FreeTress Equal Collection (around $33) in the hair color code OH/27/30/613.

What does OH/27/30/613 mean?

OH = Ombré Highlights

27 = Light Auburn

30 = Medium Auburn

613 = White Blonde

Basically, this is an ombré wig with darker, more natural looking roots that gradually become lighter toward the tips. From my experience, the first color in the color code is usually the one that is on top. In this wig, that color is 27/Light Auburn, and the 30/Medium Auburn is mixed and highlighted almost equally throughout, but mostly in the back and middle of the unit. Finally, the 613/white blonde is slightly blended and highlighted for depth.

Don’t worry if you get flustered or confused with color and effects. Most wig companies that sell online will have a color chart and images for reference. Tip: research a company's return policy before you purchase, because you can't really know the color until you see it IRL.

Getting The Perfect Fit/Style

Sometimes I play around with a new wig: I brush or comb it out, maybe add a few tracks to the front for thicker bangs. Not the Giselle. I loved her straight out of the package.

The cap construction is very comfortable--and I'm a big-headed chick, loud and proud! The Giselle also comes with two adjustable straps to help secure a snug fit. I used the straps, but usually I like to sew my wigs onto my braids to protect from gusty winds and wig snatchers (they're out there, ladies).

Now, I'm going to return to my original question. Can a black girl rock blonde hair without looking tacky, ratchet, or unnatural? I know the answer is yes, because I've lived it. But I will say that ombré shades, highlights, and subtle hints of color are important for a realistic, sophisticated blonde look on darker skin tones.

Don’t knock it until you've tried it!

Show me your blondes, my brown-skinned goddesses, and let's run the world one highlight at a time.