I'm Blonde Now (Again), Plus COTW!

I'm proof that you CAN bleach your own hair at home, although it's definitely... um... an adventure.
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October 3, 2015
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Yup, I bleached my hair last weekend! I've gone from brunette to blonde before, plus I wrote a lot about bleaching my own roots and my quest for white blonde hair, so I don't want to bore all of you with the same old information. But I will give you the basic run-down of what I did before we get to COTW.

Firs,t I gathered my supplies: two packets of L'Oreal Quick Blue bleach, Wella Toner in Lightest Ash Blonde (also known as T18 or "White Lady"), 20 volume developer, a plastic bowl and brush, and also gloves (not pictured).

Then, I covered my hair in coconut oil to protect it from damage. I let that sit for the better part of a day before getting to work.

After that, I mixed together the bleach and developer and let that sit on my hair for about an hour. My hair was neon orange at that point. I went to bed with orange hair soaked, once again, with coconut oil.

Another round of bleach the next day got my hair to bright yellow, so after that I, mixed toner with developer and let that sit for 30 minutes to remove brassiness.

I did all of this over the course of a weekend, but if you're worried about damaging your hair, you can spread the process out over a few weeks. You may also do so to save your sanity; bleach is a little annoying, but dear god, toner HURTS.

Below is each stage, going clockwise from the top left:

And here is the final result:

It's not perfect yet; I need to do another toning session to get it lighter and to remove some stubborn brassy bits. Still, I'm pretty proud of myself for saving at least $100 and also not totally destroying my scalp in the process.

While I pat myself on the back (and douse my head in a vat of coconut oil), here are the winning Comments of the Week!

1. "SRR12" has a tip for making your eyes stand out from behind glasses:

One of the best pieces of advice for glasses-wearers and eye makeup that I forget where I read is show your brows some love. If you have something bold on your eye and on your brow, I guess it makes the glasses line disappear a bit? Anyway, I feel 100% better about my eye look when I have my brows filled in nice and dark, and it seems like my eyes up their game as well. The glasses just do their whole vision-correcting game. That, and ain't nobody's eyes look good behind grimy-ass glasses. Lens cleaner, people.

2. Of course we're talking about Halloween costumes already. I think this idea from "BabeLincoln" could also work really well for a group of people:

I've always wanted to dress up as an iphone app icon with an x in the corner and just wiggle the entire night.

3. I agree with "Lorelle Marie" when it comes to men's beauty products:

mens body wash is so surreal it's hilarious like, "GUNMETAL PROTECT SHIELD" okkkkk bud yr literally rubbing nice smelling soap over your body just chill

4. "adpii" has me hopeful about finally finding a truly long-lasting polish:

I quit painting my nails like 7 or 8 years ago because I couldn't find a polish that didn't chip within a day. The other day, on a whim, I bought a combo pack of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Topcoat (no UV needed) and I'm telling you this shit is crazy good! My husband has OCD and I wash my hands a lot because I do a lot of cooking. I also use rubbing alcohol on my hands. I've been wearing this nail polish for 3 days, using my hands as I normally do, and I have not yet had a single chip. It does bother me that nail polish is made of so many toxic chemicals (including methyl ethyl ketone) so I will probably not be painting my nails often, however at least I can now paint my nails and expect them to look nice for several days.

  • Would you ever bleach your hair yourself? Or are you an old hand at it?
  • OR do you think I'm totally crazy?
  • Anyone else planning a big hair change this fall?
  • Finally, if you have any questions about the bleaching and toning process, feel free to ask in the comments!