I'm Suddenly Obsessed With Big Hair, Specifically This Voluminous Half-Up Style

Naturally, it's Bardot-inspired. Can you blame me?
Publish date:
March 4, 2014
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Lately, I’ve been weirdly obsessed
with big hair. I don’t care where I’m going or what I’m doing, I want to look
like a glamorous '60s beauty queen.

I’m not quite sure why I’m so transfixed by
big, tall hair; there’s just something so nostalgic and glamorous about it, like
fluffy leopard print coats and cat eyeliner. Maybe Lana Del Rey is to blame, or
my everlasting love for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but either way, I’m hooked.

The only problem is, I’ve never had
much luck getting my hair overly big. My hair is pretty thin and naturally
straight, so getting a lot of volume or curl has always been a challenge; and
though bleaching has helped a bit with the texture, it’s still not the easiest
to get it to stay up for long.

I figure, the only way to get
better at something is to vigorously practice, though, right? And if
I fail, you all get to laugh at the matted mess I’ve made. Sounds
fun, right?

So, Brigitte Bardot always had the big-hair thing down. In old photographs, her hair is always perfectly tousled and
messy, with a bit of loose curl, a lot of volume, and often a dainty little
bow. Her hair is seldom super-tall, so I figured she’d be a good first
inspiration to work from. I picked one of my favourite Bardot styles, the big
curly half pony with bow
and grabbed my backcombing tools.

Step 1.

Curl your hair. I did this by
sleeping on “twisty buns," but you could also use hot rollers or a curling iron. Curling will give your hair more body and texture to work
with, and make the hairstyle look extra-charming.

Step 2.

Section off your hair. I took the
top half of my hair in a circle, held it, then secured the bottom half with a
scrunchie to keep it out of the way.

Step 3.

Backcomb. I’m sure you knew this
step was coming right? Even though it’s not the best for your hair, backcombing is really the only way to get any real heavy-duty tallness happening.

started off by spraying my roots with dry
shampoo and a touch of medium-hold hairspray; then I went at it with my
backcombing comb from Sally Beauty Supply. Don’t stop until the whole top
section of your hair is puffy and voluminous!

Step 4.

Tie the top section off into a high
ponytail at the middle-back zone of your head. Imagine drawing a line from just
behind your ears to the top of your head, then make the ponytail there. It will
be more on top of your head than behind it.

You’ll notice the pouf might start
splitting and parting once tightened in the pony, so use a some bobby pins to
pull it around until your hair pouf is one united front.

Step 5.

Backcomb that tiny curly pony! You
want it to visibly pouf over the already voluminous front pouf when you look in
the mirror.

Once the pouf is tall enough, add
your favourite bow. I went for black velvet because classy.

Step 5.

Hairspray! Hairspray is tall hair’s
best friend; they just belong together, like French fries and ketchup.

Take the
back hair out of the scrunchie, scrunch it a bit to regain any lost curl,
and spray everything good with that sticky mist.

Step 6.

You better work on your French
accent, cause girl, your hair has totally got that whole big-haired Parisian '60s sex symbol thing down!

What other big-hair tutorials would you like to see?