Where Beyoncé Gets Her Fabulous Hair Chains

Let's all consider these investment hair accessories for a second.

Wonderland Beauty Parlor is most certainly a NYC beauty mecca. Whether you're looking to get your hair styled or shop an array of niche beauty products, it is worth a look-see if you are in town.

My reason for stopping in? Jennifer Behr hair accessories. Maybe you've seen them in places such as...Beyonce's Instagram.

I arrived on a rainy Monday, expecting to see the usual run of sparkly hair accessories that I probably wouldn’t personally love. But I was so pleasantly surprised by the truly classy and gorgeous pieces.

After getting a rundown on the pieces from Behr herself, I was paired with Wonderland senior stylist Annastasia Konidaris. She wanted to show me just how amazing these hairpieces could be for special event style, so we busted out an iron and some dry shampoo and got to work.

I let out a shriek of pure glee when I saw the Dakota, a demure Art Deco tiara/headband.

Annastasia curled and teased my rain-thrashed strands and gave me an asymmetrical style that looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Megara from Hercules had a tattooed niece princess. Such gorgeousness, so crown.

The best part of this whole experience was knowing that this structured and strong accessory would look good no matter what I wore it with. Whether blazered or bejeweled, I can put this on and go from basic to bombshell.

There could be no better home for this selection than Wonderland Beauty Parlor. Imagine a glamorous, loud, and fun space where you can get the standard round of top-notch services or come in just to shop.

Wonderland stocks some pretty fab brands, like Shu Uemura, Oribe, and R+Co for hair, and cosmetics by RMS, Lipstick Queen, and Kimiko.

Now, with Behr’s barrettes, hair chains, and headbands, Wonderland delivers the full workup. The pieces range from thick leather headbands to dainty chains, or "circlets."

Jennifer was a client of Michael Angelo, the salon’s founder, for a long time before bringing her business into his space. Considering Michael’s very long celebrity and supermodel client list, as well as Jennifer’s, it is an excellent match. Should you need red carpet glam, or even wedding glam, you can get every last detail handled in this one place.

Ranging from Beyonce’s mesh face mask to Lauren Conrad’s wedding day chignon clip, Behr's accessories use real Swarovski crystals and well-made baubles.

The variety of Behr's ornate hair pieces is stunning, and, while pricey, so perfect for big events, or even just as a statement accessory to keep forever and ever and wear as often as you feel like.

  • Do you wear hair chains or tiaras? What about veils and fascinators?
  • How do you feel about investing in designer hair accessories such as these? They're about the price of a mid-range designer handbag, and you can keep them just as long. Thoughts?