A Better Way To Brush Your Hair

Get ready to have a more pleasant hair brushing experience.
Publish date:
January 9, 2015
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I love when a beauty company listens to working editorial stylists. Though rank-and-file hairstylists are warriors in their own right, the editorial stylist is like the Gandalf, the wizard of your regiment, ready to create lifesaving spells at a moment’s notice.

A stylist favorite, Ricky’s NYC takes the input of these mystical hair whisperers and puts it to practice. For example, a trick I learned a long time ago is to spritz a comb with a static-minimizing product (like a shine spray, serum, or oil) before use. It smooths fly-aways and helps the comb glide through tangles. Cutting out the product middleman, RickyCare NO-FRIZZ hair tools have oleic acid-rich olive oil baked right into the teeth.

I tested these four NO-FRIZZ tools for a week to see if they performed better or worse than my current repertoire. Well, actually, I tested the paddle brush, cutting comb, and rat tail comb. My roommate, Darnell, gave his RickyCare ARGAN+ comb a rest and tested the wide bar comb.

Results On Wet And Dry Hair

In terms of visible effects, the tools yield more obvious results on dry hair, especially if you have fly-aways that need taming. Another plus is that they run through wet or dry hair much easer than my regular tools.

Why They Beat Out My Old Product-Spritzed Hack

The paddle brush was a welcome change, since mine really was on the outs. I noticed that the bristles provide a bit more slip, but there is no oily feel or appearance, which is very easy to incur when using a product-spritzed tool for the same purpose. Also, smoothing and shine products don’t do my greasiness any favors. I use them very sparingly, even on humid or static-ridden days. Having a bit of extra frizz help built into the product is just what I need to avoid using excess product.

Will I Be Replacing My Current Tools With Oil-Baked Versions?

Considering that there's no cost difference between the NO-FRIZZ tools and my current brush/comb lineup, these would be great to have, even if I wasn't concerned with taming frizz.

I appreciate the oil-infused benefits, though I don’t think everyone will see a major difference. For Darnell, the oil-baked combs (the ARGAN+ and the NO-FRIZZ) are slightly better than regular picks or combs. But since there's no cost difference, the oil-baked combs are a definite repurchase for him.

Save for a pre-shampoo treatment, oil best penetrates hair in controlled doses, such as with these tools. And while a little excess shine may not be desirable for all, combing hair with ease is definitely a universal want.

  • Who else has an oil-infused comb or brush?
  • How do you brush your hair, wet or dry?
  • Any tips or techniques you'd like to share with the community?

Photos by Darnell Scott