The Best Treatments For Healthy Platinum Blonde Hair

When you’ve bleached your hair to the whitest platinum blonde, salon aftercare is no joke.
Publish date:
September 15, 2014
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As someone who has rocked platinum blonde hair for upwards of three years, I've tried almost everything to keep as much of that hair on my head as possible. Investing in nourishing treatments for your compromised hair is a top priority if you’re serious about staying blonde.

I've experienced the feared "so-fried-it's-stretchy" hair firsthand (and recovered from it), so finding the best treatments, masks, and serums has been a necessity. Here's what I'm currently working with.

Protein Treatments

Introducing protein treatments like Redken’s Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment or Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Hair Building Pak is a great place to start when creating a platinum blonde hair care routine. I’ve sworn by Redken Anti-Snap since the day I went blonde. You only need one or two pumps per application, so the bottle lasts forever. I apply the Davines product to towel-dried hair and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. Just don’t overdo it: too much protein can make your hair snap.

Hair Masks

A surefire way to get moisture into compromised hair is to coat towel-dried strands with a nourishing mask for 15 minutes after shampooing. Hair masks generally contain oils and often include keratin and/or hydrolyzed keratin, which helps with elasticity and hydration like nobody’s business.

Phyto’s Phytokeratine Mask took my hair from straw-like to silky in one use. But make sure you really rinse this guy out or he'll weigh down your hair. Fekkai and Drybar offer fantastic lightweight masks as well. Fekkai's PrX Reparatives contains argan kernel oil in place of keratin. I recommend alternating from a hair mask to a protein treatment every time you wash your hair.

Scalp Treatments (The Big Guns)

Exposing your hair to regular bleach-outs doesn't just damage your hair, those harsh chemicals also do a number on your scalp (read: dry, itchy scalp). In order to strengthen your hair so it can grow, you need a healthy scalp. It’s all about NOURISHMENT, you guys. Scalp treatments leave your strands thicker and stronger with a longer life cycle.

Bosley Pro is THE brand of hair loss treatments. Personally, I lose a bunch of hair on the top/crown area of my head, thanks to breakage from bleaching, brushing, and exposure to the elements. I spritz Bosley's Healthy Hair Follicle Nourisher directly on my scalp in sections around the crown of my head and apply a nourishing hair mask like Phyto or Fekkai right after. The purpose of this product is to amplify whatever treatment you use with it.

Phyto's Phytolium 4 Energizing Botanical Concentrate is an intense treatment. Like, stem cell intense. It actually thickens the diameter of each hair strand and extends the life of the hair you do have. This stuff is no joke.

Hair Serums

Serums help protect hair from tangling, moisture loss due to styling, and external factors like the sun and environment. They're kind of a must-have for platinum blondes. Apply your serum to towel-dried hair post-shower and see how quickly the look and feel of your hair changes.

Phyto's Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum and Drybar's 100 Proof Hair Treatment Oil are two great products packed with nourishing oils. I have to say, though--as a girl who's all about sweetly scented products--Fekkai Reparatives Mending Elixir is my personal favorite.

Let's talk all things platinum blonde and white hair care. What products do you use daily and weekly? Anyone out there thinking of taking the platinum plunge?