The Only 2 Products You Need For Color-Damaged Hair

Bleached/colored/anything-but-natural hair is insanely hard to keep healthy. It’s “news” that I’ve heard approximately 852 times, and it's the reason why it took me so long to pluck up the courage to go platinum.

If only I had known about Purely Perfect then, it would have saved me a lot of mental strife. If you’re thinking about going platinum or you’re a chronic hair colorer, this stuff will be your savior, your shepherd through the oft-intimidating world of intense hair damage.

You ready? Throw away all your hair products, because from now on, you’re only going to need two.

Purely Perfect Cleansing Crème

Where do I begin? This stuff’s kind of an anomaly in the beauty world. It’s not a shampoo, and the back of the bottle blatantly states that it’s not a conditioner. The brand calls it an “un-conditioner,” which makes sense, as it cleanses hair sans lather and conditioners, yet still leaves it silky. Gotta be honest, though: washing with this takes some serious getting used to, if you’re all about your shampoo suds. During my first few applications, I felt like I was slapping a bottle of Lubriderm on my head and waiting for oil to magically disappear. And not putting conditioner on afterwards, even on my thirsty ends?! The horror!

Thankfully, once I stepped out of the shower and let my hair air dry, I understood. My mop was wonderfully soft, with lots of volume and bounce. And shine! My platinum ladies know how rough that is to obtain. After a few weeks of use, I’ve concluded that this miracle creme really does get your hair clean, too. My clarifying shampoo has been put on the back burner, along with all my conditioners and hair masks. Plus, because of its high levels of aloe vera and essential oils and low levels of detergents, it works wonders keeping color deposited in dyed hair--we’re talking tons less dye water washing down the drain with each rinse. I’m planning on going fire engine red in a week or two, so I’ll keep you posted!

Purely Perfect Foundation Crème

Besides shampooing, what’s color-damaged hair’s biggest enemy? It doesn’t take three guesses to come up with “heat styling.” I’ve all but eliminated my need for hot tools thanks to Purely Perfect’s incredible Foundation Creme, which smoothes frizz, moisturizes, and even makes hair more malleable--perfect for molding hair into your desired texture.

I love this product’s ease of use, too. It can be applied to damp or dry hair, and pre-blow dry, if you so desire--though I’ve truly found it unnecessary. And with long-term, twice per day use, it’s made a huge difference in my hair’s health.

My only qualm about Purely Perfect’s strand superstars is their measly size. The products are $40 a pop, which is painful when you take a gander at the tiny bottles. However, I’ve found that I don’t need much product to get maximum results, and compared to the numerous pricey, damage-reducing products I used before Purely Perfect entered my life, I’m ultimately saving a little. Oh, and less hair dye going down the drain equals fewer wallet-bashing trips to the salon. So worth it.

CALLING ALL MY COLORED/BLEACHED/OTHERWISE DAMAGED HAIR GALS: How do you keep those fried strands smooth and sexy? Would you ever give something like Purely Perfect a shot?