5 Styling Products I’m Loving for Short, Curly Hair

This is my latest arsenal for keeping my baby 'fro in check.

Over the years, I’ve tried quite a large sampling of products for curly hair. As the way I cut and style my hair changes over time, so does the arsenal of products I use to keep my curls in check.

Here are the products I’ve been loving since I cropped my hair super-short.

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse

I’ve avoided mousse in the past, but lately I’ve been loving this one because it gives my curls good hold without make them feel like my head is encased in Ramen.

This product does have alcohol in it and can be drying, so I reserve it for when I’m approaching shampoo days and my hair is feeling greasy.

Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil

At first, I wasn’t as impressed with this as I was with other offerings from Mielle Organics, but since I started guiding my hair towards a fro-hawk/faux undercut style, it has been perfect for smoothing down unruly curls along the closely cropped sides of my head and as a pre-shampoo scalp conditioner on wash days.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray

I’m not picky about dry shampoo as I really only use it to boost volume a bit when my roots start feeling a bit greasy and I’m not ready to wash yet. I got this Oscar Blandi version in one of my Boxycharm boxes, and really love the texture it gives my hair.

Davines Love Curl Cream and This Is An Invisible Serum

I only started using Davines styling products within the last year (thanks to my hairstylist) but so far, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve tried.

I was using the This is a Curl Building Serum pretty religiously until I got my hair cropped and it started to feel a bit heavy. The Love Curl Cream is slightly lighter and defines my curls while keeping them soft.

This is an Invisible Serum is a more recent discovery, but I am hooked on how much hold it gives me while still giving me shine and definition. It works almost like a pomade in my hair without flattening out my curls.

  • Any baby 'fro wearers in the house?
  • What are your go-to curly styling products?