OPEN THREAD: What's Your Favorite Part of Going to the Salon?

I wish the shampoo session would last a half hour.
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March 18, 2016
haircuts, salons, open thread

Today, Dan and I are following Sable around Manhattan with a small video crew for a couple upcoming videos (hence, video crew). I'm writing this from a fancy facialist's waiting room — I can see Sable on a table (ha! rhymes are funny) out of the corner of my eye — but earlier, we were at one of NYC's most majorly major salons.

It was downright painful for me to be at the salon knowing that I wasn't getting anything done myself. I just had to sit there and watch Sable get her hairs snipped and smoothed and froofed, and be happy for her. WHATEVER.

I love almost everything about getting my hair done: seeing the pieces of hair plop to the floor, the brush being run through my hair as it's getting blown out, knowing that I'm going to leave with my hair looking way better than I ever could have done it myself, etc.

I think my favorite part, though, is the shampoo experience, especially if the assistant or stylist has generous scalp-massaging fingers. That's a total ASMR trigger for me. Every time I go to Drybar, I spend the extra $10 for the Floater, a 10-minute head massage. It is the absolute best — except for that time when George Michael's "Father Figure" started playing on the salon's Spotify and it got awkward.

Anyway, I think we can all guess Sable's favorite part about going to the salon.

But how about you? What's your favorite thing about going to the salon? That weird feeling when they scrape the scissors against your hair? The smell of the color chemicals? The hot receptionist? Let's talk about that — and whatever else — in this week's Open Thread.