Glampalm: A Flat Iron For The Smartphone Generation

Because we can no longer be bothered to turn things off and on, am I right?
Publish date:
January 13, 2015
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As a flat iron-obsessed teen, I clamped and chomped my thin strands into a razor-straight (and partly singed) arrangement that looked more like a feather duster than a head of hair. The fact that I was using my mom’s Conair Fashion Plates tool (remember those?) didn't help. That thing did more frying than smoothing. Plus, being a forgetful child, I always left it on, and my stepdad promptly confiscated it.

If only I'd had the Glampalm Simple Touch back then. It's like the Excalibur of hot tools. Among its many dummy-proof merits, this super smart, movement activated flat iron automatically turns on with any motion and heats to 390 degrees in 10 seconds. Even better, it shuts off after 35 seconds of sitting idle.

This is pretty revolutionary as far as hot tools go.

Most irons take 30 to 60 seconds to reach 390 degrees. With movement, the iron beeps once to let you know that it's on, and again when it's fully heated. If it detects no movement in 35 seconds, it beeps again and automatically turns off.

For the ADHD among us, Glampalm could be a literal life saver. If I'd had this when I was a teen my dad would never have taken it away for fear that I'd leave it on and burn the house down.

How do the plates themselves perform? Excellent. I have tried so many over the years, and I know a good iron when I try one.

One quick pass of the evenly heated plates smooths cuticles, seals ends, and leaves a brilliant shine. Like other irons, it can be used for straightening and curling. The ceramic plates are cushioned and have a bit of float, allowing gentle pressure to go to work, without pulling, snagging, or searing strands.

Glampalm puts proper research into its products, and were among the first to develop tools that minimize cuticle damage. Swivelling cords, ceramic plates, and auto shut-off are all becoming industry standards, thanks to Glampalm's innovation. This flat iron is a great investment, especially for those who seek the sleek.

  • Do you have a bad habit of leaving your hot tools on? Or just the anxiety that you did when you actually didn't?
  • What's your HG flat iron?

Photos by Darnell Scott