The Curling Wand That Proves Three Barrels Are Better Than One

Three irons, one base, no worries.

I am one of those with way too many hair tools--I use different-sized curling irons to get varying styles. But why does one need three flat irons and five curling irons? The simple answer: One does not. Seeking to reduce the clutter in my appliance drawer, I found the radical Amika Switch Kit.

This styling appliance of the future fits my scheme of reducing the amount of tangled wires in my life, as you simply buy a barrel to suit your need(s) and snap it onto the base.

Knowing that I can travel light but not unprepared is a huge boon to my beauty-on-the-go steez, and the tool is very simple to operate. The base kit, which is $100, comes with a one-inch Hollywood Vixen barrel and the base for which to get to curling. What sets it apart other than its adaptability is the super fast warm up. A digital control allows you to set the temperature to your hair’s needs (and health) or bump it up when you really need curls to last.

These tools are made with ceramic infused with tourmaline, the stuff you find in many high-end and professional hair tools. Tourmaline is a gemstone that emits negative ions, which help to keep the cuticle closed and reduce static when heat styling. Amika irons heat thoroughly and evenly, which is more than I can say for some of the drugstore junkers I had for 10 years or so.

The rods can be used either together or separately to create the perfect style for you. The Hollywood Vixen Barrel is good for most types, as it can make a tight uniform curl or a sultry soft curl depending how you apply it, making it versatile and great for beginners. The Glam Goddess barrel, sold separately for $30, is one and a quarter inches wide. This width of barrel is ideal for very long hair, as well as anyone who wants to fake a blowout or very loose waves.

My favorite barrel by far was the Beach Bombshell Barrel, which is tapered from one inch to .7 inches. A barrel of that size is PERF for touching up air-dried or natural curls of the 3 variety. (Anything tighter will want to visit Amika clipless curling irons and wands that come in much smaller sizes.) I loved the speed with which the thorough heat penetrated my strands. It left the curls perfect, which means when I use it to do a quick, all over re-curl with a bit more mess, it will give me the power I need to beach up in minutes.

  • Who else is a tapered wand fan?
  • How many curling wands do you currently own?

Photos by Darnell Scott