I Finally Found a Heat-Styling Tool That Works Like a Charm on My Short Hair

A little iron for my little hairs.
Publish date:
May 16, 2016
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Ever since I got my hair cut short about a year and a half ago, I've ditched my straightener and my curling wand and learned to embrace my natural texture. The only heat-styling my hair goes through is from blowing it out after I shower. Otherwise, I tend to use a ton of texturizing spray, and when my hair gets unruly on the back of my head after I've been tossing and turning all night, I spray some leave-in conditioner and comb it down to keep it under control.

My short cut is manageable enough with a skinny round brush and a blow dryer. But being the beauty-obsessed girl that I am, there were plenty of times I wished I could style it another way; however, my other tools were too big for my short hair. Instead I just stuck with my usual style.

It wasn't until I found the Amika Mighty Mini Coral Pink Styler just a few weeks ago that I considered using hot tools on my hair again.

My first reaction to the straightener was "OMG it's so cute!" But I've seen other mini hot tools before and I was never impressed. They tend to look cheap and they don't actually heat up enough to help you style your hair.

The Amika straightener is super sturdy, though. It feels just like an expensive straightener, but it's shrunken down to just six inches — the perfect size for my short hair.

I put it to the test to see how it could transform my hair, and loved the results I got.

Before I can use any heat on my hair, I have to spray on some heat protectant. I used my Amika The Shield Style Extending Spray because it goes on dry, so I don't have to worry about my hair feeling wet when I'm trying to style it and then getting fried.

I sprayed it all over my head and then I got to work.

The part of my hair that I get the most frustrated with is the shorter section on the left side of my head. It tends to flip out away from my face and look messy, which I like most of the time, but not when I'm going somewhere nice or if I'm in an important meeting — I want to look a little more polished. So I took the straightener and smoothed my hair down so it curved toward my face rather than away from it.

It was quick and easy because the plates heat up to 400 degrees in no time. I only have to go over my hair once to get it to stay in place.

Then I tried the longer part of my hair on my right side. Usually, I spray texturing spray all over this section and I'm good to go, but for days when I want a sleeker look, I like to smooth this hair out. I did this for a formal event I had recently, and I loved the way I looked with my hair straight, almost like I had an asymmetrical bob.

One of my favorite things to do when I had long hair was to curl my hair with my old straightener, so I wanted to try it out with my new one. I got a section of hair and clamped the plates together, flipping them 180 degrees while I pulled it down through my hair.

I ended up with an adorable ringlet, so I curled the rest of the longer section. I combed my fingers through for a wavy, casual look but I could also keep the curls tighter for a more formal look.

I still just blowdry my hair most days because it's quick and simple and my messy texture goes with my style, but I've found myself reaching for this adorable mini straightener more and more because I can finally fill the hairstyling void I've had since ditching my full-sized hot tools and my long hair. I love how convenient it is, plus I can't wait to throw it in my bag when I want to travel because it's just so tiny and convenient. It can totally work for any hair length, too, and since it heats up so quickly, you can style all of your hair in just a few minutes.

  • Have you ever used a mini hot tool? Know of any others that work really well?
  • Short-haired babes: what tools do you use to style your hair?