The Single Best Hair Tie I've Ever Used for My Thick, Long, Knotty Hair

Ever since I stumbled upon them, my hair-tie standards have increased dramatically.
Publish date:
February 16, 2016
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The longer my hair gets, the more reliant I am on hair ties to preserve my sanity. I love my hair and all, but sometimes, it gets to be too much.

It gets tangled very quickly if I haven’t washed it in 24 hours and let it flow freely over my shoulders and down my back; and although my hair is currently down to my waist, if I’m leaning over the sink with my hair behind my shoulders, I still have to put my hair in a bun or else my hair will somehow find a way into the sink. And in the summer, I have to pull my hair back if I want to avoid neck sweat. Hair ties just do a great job of helping me manage my long-hair situation.

I’ve never been very picky about my hair ties, though. I’ll use any hair tie — save for actual rubber bands. (Heck, I’ll even use pencils or pens to hold up my hair chopstick-style if I’m desperate.) And unsurprisingly, none of them ever blow my mind. Since I have thick hair, I have a hard time getting typical hair ties to twist a third or fourth time to tightly secure my bun or ponytail in place without breaking.

Regular hair ties can be really painful to use, too, and sometimes they yank a bunch of my hair as I’m undoing a bun or ponytail. But as long as a) they do their job and keep my hair out of my face temporarily and b) I can actually find them, I hesitate to complain.

Well, ever since I stumbled upon this particular line of cheapie hair ties — Goody Ouchless Ponytailers — my hair-tie standards have increased dramatically.

I received these hair ties at a Goody media event a few months ago, but I would happily repurchase them over and over, because they’re that good — and I say that to you as someone who is aware she is raving about cheapie hair ties on the internet.

What makes them unique is that they’re fabric hair ties. There’s no rubber band inside, so the stretch factor is entirely reliant on the fabric stretchiness, which is very stretchy, if you ask me. Now, I know there are already some fabric hair ties on the market — the ones that have one knot, come in really cute designs, and are known for not leaving indents in the hair, but I’ve never encountered one that would stretch wide enough for my thick hair.

These hair ties are also bigger than your average hair ties, and combined with the stretchy fabric, they work really well on my thick hair. I can wind them around my updos with no problems.

Lastly, the fabric is super-smooth, so the process of undoing my ponytails or buns is noticeably less painful than when I use regular fabric-covered rubber bands. The Goody ones just slide off!

I live for these hair ties, and I’ve been using them for around two months. I’ve also lost a bunch already, and I’ve never wanted to find hair ties so badly. Now, if I only beauty brands could make hair ties with a tracking device...

  • What are your favorite hair ties?
  • How do you avoid losing your hair ties?