Snowdrop Hair: A Super-Easy, Super-Pretty Way To Bedazzle Your Head

Get that "snowflakes melted on my hair" look without having to get cold and wet.
Publish date:
December 13, 2013
Davines, hairsprays, How-To, winter, hair accessories

The snow here in Toronto is only pretty for an hour before it is turned into dirty, wet, slushy grossness, but for those few moments when the flakes have just started to fall, life seems so perfect.

I usually drop everything and go out for a stroll, eager to experience as much of the fluffy prettiness as possible before it's devoured by car tires and dog pee. When I finally turn around and head back home, the most beautiful thing has happened: there are tiny little drops of melted snow in my hair. I call them snowdrops.

The unfortunate thing about snowdrops is they don't actually stay drops. They last as a glimmering bead only for a moment before melting completely into my hair and making a big old "guh, I'm so wet and cold" mess of my day.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could just stay, just for a bit longer? Wouldn't it be lovely to walk into a holiday party with snowdrop hair and have it last?

Turns out the answer was waiting for me where most beauty solutions do these days: at the dollar store near my house. They have these wonderfully neat packages of jewels there!

They have rainbow jewels, jewels lumped into colour themes, different-shaped jewels, and they all have a remarkably strong adhesive backing on them.

I initially bought a pack of them to stick on my face Lana Del Rey style, but recently decided they just needed to be in my hair. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed lately: everything I buy somehow ends up in my hair.

Snowdrop hair is perfect for an upcoming festive occasions you may have penciled into your agenda, or just a snowy day that makes you want to look extra pretty.

I personally think it looks best in an updo, but I quite like the beads of gem look with my hair when it’s down, too.

To get this look, simply stick the jewels in your hair and give your head a misting of hairspray to hold everything in place. I used a touch of Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer, as always.

What do you think?