Beauty Woes Black Women Face, And Our Go-To Solutions

Easy hair and makeup tips every black woman should know and follow.
Publish date:
March 3, 2015
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As a woman of color (this is DaMonica here), I know what it's like to find out the hard way that there are many beauty products out that simply aren't for me. And I also know my fellow Black ladies have been told a time or a million what they can and cannot do with their makeup, or to their hair, because of their skin tone and/or hair texture. But while I don't believe in beauty rules, I do, however, believe in taking care of my skin and seeking out the shades that work for me.

Thankfully, our friends over at Teen Vogue (and a fellow Black beauty editor) were generous enough to share a few more tips every Black woman should know when it comes to beauty. >>Visit Teen Vogue for full story

Cover photo: Imaxtree