Quick Question: What's The Most Devastating Beauty Stain You've Ever Gotten On Your Clothes?

More importantly, how the hell did you get it out?
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October 18, 2013
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Usually, I'm pretty vigilant about checking out my clothing before putting them on. Does it need ironing? Is it pilling? Is there a hole that can't pass as "cool" hole?

But it wasn't until I was already dressed and doing a last minute once-over twirl in the mirror that I saw this...

There! The spots that look like blood but aren't! TWO STAINS! Hair-dye stains!

This is the sweater I wore to go auburn earlier this year, and some of the color apparently dripped onto it. Blargh!

It was too late to change, and when I wear my hair down, it covers it, but I'm still annoyed. Did I wash it without even noticing, therefore not pre-treating, thus making the stains permanent when I threw it in the hot dryer? I mean, at least it's an inexpensive sweater, but dammit, I really like it.

Of course, I've ruined--temporarily or permanently--many a garment by dropping lipstick, hair serum, foundation, and pretty much everything else on myself. But this feels like the worst EVER because it's freshest in my mind. I suppose I'll survive.

So today's Quick Question: What's the most devastating beauty stain you've ever gotten on your clothes? Probably a more important question: What are your best tips for getting makeup, oils, nail polish and hair dye out of your clothes?