Quick Question: Is 'Beach Hair' Something You Want?

I like the concept, but it's a flawed one.
Publish date:
April 23, 2013
Quick Question, wavy hair, beach hair, got2b

There are sooooo many "beach hair" sprays available right now, amirite?

Like this:

The got2b beach trippin' salt-infusion waving spray, I mean; not the Lime-a-Rita. That's just pictured to further beachify the photo, though I'm sure it would do something interesting to your hair if you poured it on.

As someone with naturally wavy hair, I've never really felt the need to use one of these sprays, since most brands' definition of "beach hair" is just tousled waves. I can get them from sleeping poorly.

Actually, "poor night's sleep hair" makes much more sense to me than "beach hair" as a way to describe what these sprays do. Have you BEEN to the beach? Has your HAIR been to the beach? I don't know about yours, but mine feels like crap after just a few minutes.

I asked today's Quick Question to a few folks at the office, and one said, "Well, I don't want my beach hair. I want a supermodel's beach hair." Well, yeah, that would look hot, but I think even a supermodel's hair would feel pretty awful to the touch after trying to out-pretty the ocean.

From what I've gathered, none of these so-called "beach hair" sprays make hair look or feel terrible--this got2b one has quite a nice non-uglifying effect. Rather, they make it look like you've had sex somewhere other than on a beach.

So I ask: Is "beach hair" something you want? Is it REALLY?