Get Big Bardot Hair Without The Damage

If you do it the right way--and UNdo it the right way--you can get away with the extra volume sans broken strands.
Publish date:
January 8, 2014
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I have never watched a movie with Brigitte Bardot in it.
Ever. This is especially surprising because I consider myself a movie buff
(I’ve watched Clueless AT LEAST 50 times, so I feel I have earned that title) and a fan of the sexy French actress.

As evidenced
by the countless pubescent girls with Marilyn Monroe iconography plastered all
over their lives, though, you don’t have to know a celebrity’s work to be a
fan. So no, I am not a scholar of her filmography, but I am a huge fan of her effortlessly sexy style, and I often try to recreate her makeup and hair in
my everyday life.

As Brigitte Bardot can attest, sex appeal is 90% about the
hair (academic study pending). Her iconic teased, bed-head style has become a
staple on the Pinterest “Hair” boards of many a pinner. There’s nothing like big,
don’t-care hair to make you feel your best.

Bardot hair is really easy to do
and looks good on any length of hair, even though she wore hers long. The
problem with that look comes with the damage that teasing can do. If you do it the right way--and undo
it the right way--you can get away with the extra volume sans broken strands.

First, separate your bangs--or the front section of your
hair--from the rest. Blow-dry this part straight down.

Next, separate this hair in a middle part.

Now for the teasing. Take the next section of your hair and
pull it up so that the strands are straight. Spritz some hairspray at the root
for longevity’s sake. I like VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray because it never ever
lets me down--nothing worse than spending an hour on a hairdo only to have it
fall out soon after you leave home.

Use a fine-tooth comb and, starting about a half-inch from the root, comb down to the bottom. Take the comb out--do not comb up
and down, as this causes damage--and repeat the process another half-inch up from
where you first began.

You can also use hairspray on each section as you go to
ensure your work won’t fall out if you have a long day ahead of you.

Do this to the next few sections of hair, until you have
nice volume to work with. You can also do a couple of sections on either side
of your head. The more you tease, the more volume you will get, so decide if
you want to go full-Bardot or just Bardot-on-a-day-off. Spray the end result.

Now that it’s all done, take some hair from your above your
ears and pin it back, creating a half-up hairstyle that Bardot is most known

Many people make the mistake of washing their hair to try
get their backcombing out. Do NOT do this! Rather, use a hair oil such as
Moroccanoil to smooth the hair. Then you can try and separate as many sections
as possible using your fingers.

Next, use a wide-tooth comb and start combing
from the bottom of the hair upwards. When you come to a stubborn knot, separate
the hair instead of trying to brush through it. You should only brush through
all your strands once the hair is separated fully.

Let me know if you try it!