Ball Hair Ties: I'm Bringing Back My Favorite Childhood Ponytail Accessory

It's retro, it's cartoony, it's surprisingly versatile, and it's at the dollar store!
Publish date:
September 24, 2013
retro, hair accessories, hair ties, bargains, childhood

While we're all busy reminiscing about the '80s, I am unapologetically a child of the '90s. Born in 1990, I did it all: neon snapback hats, coordinated tie-dye, the works.

But my favorite thing about getting ready for elementary school in the '90s was the incredible array of hair accessories available at any given time: butterfly clips, scrunchies, plastic bow barrettes, tiny neon elastics for tiny braids… the list goes on.

My sister and I especially loved something we called the "bobli."

If you, like the entire internet, have never heard of this word, I’m referring to is the elastic hair tie with two plastic balls on it that fit into one another over your ponytail/pigtails/bun/braid/etc.

Sometimes they were glittery, sometimes they were iridescent, but they were always awesome. And apparently, at a dollar store near you, they still are.

I’m originally from Vancouver, but I’m currently living across the country in Toronto, so when I go home, I tend to go on an insane shopping bonanza to all of my favorite shops. This August, I had one such chance, and ended up at a new store: the dollar store to end all dollar stores, Yoko Yaya 123.

I've always loved the dollar-store shopping experience, but Yoko Yaya takes things to a new level. A Japanese “nothing over $2” store, Yoko Yaya is the little sister of the much larger Daiso chain. Their shops can be found all over the world, and oh my, do they ever have amazing hair accessories!

I was drooling over hair bows and hairbands when my eyes set upon my childhood favorite, the bobli (just go with it). Pink and purple and polka-dotted all over, it was love at first sight.

I’ve found my purchase to be a surprisingly versatile addition to my big bucket of hair accessories. In the words of Katy Perry, “How can you ever be too cartoony?”

What’s your best dollar store beauty find? More importantly, what did you call this hair accessory when you were growing up?