5 Women, 5 Different Hair Types, 5 Different Climates

The solution to a bad hair day means different things to different people, depending on where you live and what's growing out of your head.
Publish date:
June 1, 2015
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This magnificent green and blue marble we’re all residing on is just silly with weather patterns. That’s kind of one of its main talents; being proficient at suitable life-sustaining atmosphere that we get to enjoy. Huzzah!

But with this environment comes some real bitchin’ hair days and some real bitchy hair days, which I guarantee is the punchline to that “ultimate cosmic joke” everyone is always talking about. Like when Mother Earth ruined my third-grade picture by huffing and puffing wind, pulling apart my tightly combed-back and hairsprayed half-pony. Doesn’t matter how much hairspray you secure that hair with—you just never know where the wind will take you.

I have a better grasp on my hair type now and how to manage it for the weather patterns where I reside, Chicago, the Windy City. And because I’m nosy, I asked some of the other xoVain contributors to clue me in on their hair types, what weather they live in, and how they deal.

Calle (that’s me!)

I have medium-length, fine, straight hair with some major color treatments. Chicago's temperature as of late has been anywhere from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with 11mph to 22mph winds.

I curl my hair in the morning knowing full well by the time I reach work the wind will blow out any contrived curled look and leave me with a natural, effortless wave. City waves rather than beach waves, if you will. Totally into it. Let’s bottle and sell city waves, girls.

Bumble and bumble Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme aids in holding shape to the waves. Then, I do a deep side part and a strict braid to establish boundaries and structure. Now, my hair can feel free to be blown around in the wind and know exactly where it’s home is to come back to, like little Dorothy’s from The Wizard of Oz.


"I live in New Jersey. We get all four seasons here.

I have straight hair, and the weather doesn’t have much of an effect on it—unless I curled my hair that day. Then, I use a serum or something to minimize frizz, especially when it’s humid. I use some of the Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil on curls to smooth frizz. It actually doesn’t flatten my hair since I’m really careful where I apply it. My hair doesn’t usually have a problem holding curls; I just make sure to use hairspray afterward."


"I live in Kansas, and the weather is notoriously inconsistent. It’s Tornado Season currently, although Wichita seems to usually get missed; they usually touch down in the outlaying areas of the city. Lots of humidity pretty much all year with the exception of winter. We get all four seasons, technically, but they blur together. Winter was so mild this year I didn’t even turn my heat on the whole season.

Since it is so humid most of the time frizz control is my primary goal. I have fine, super-curly hair, and I usually go for a curl cream or serum—Davines Love Curl Cream and This Is An Invisible Serum, to be precise."


"Toronto! It’s the most ridiculous weather ever. The winters are like -40c and stupid-windy. The summer is insanely humid and like 30c.

I have fine (I think?) wavy, thick hair. Because it’s bleached to hell, it actually does a lot better in the humidity these days. When I had unbleached hair, it was a gross, sticky, pouf-y nightmare in the summer. I use a lot of serum and do a hair mask every time I wet my hair. It’s helped huge amounts, especially in the winter."


"I live in interior Alaska. It’s super-hot and dry in the summer— think 75-90F for weeks at a time. The valley we live in was formed by glaciers, so we have loess, or what’s called "glacier flour" that coats EVERYTHING for a while between rains. So... sweaty, dirty hair.

Dry shampoo, clarifying and moisturizing shampoo, over and over until it finally cools down."

  • Where do you live? And what's your hair type?
  • How does the climate effects your hair days?
  • Do you switch up products for seasons?
  • Can I come visit?