Upgrade Your Braid Crown With Some Cheap But Lovely Baby's Breath

The perfect wintery floral look for your next special or not-so-special occasion.
Publish date:
November 18, 2013
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A few months ago, my partner and I flew down to L.A. for his cousin's wedding. I had never met any of his extended family, so I was eager to make a good impression.

Unfortunately, we were trying to save as much as possible on a pricey flight, so we ended up flying in mere hours before the wedding. I had no styling tools, and no hairspray because aerosol cans are forbidden in carry on bags. We stepped off the plane greasy and sweaty, barely survived a horrific ride in a shuttle bus, and arrived at the hotel only to find the check-in systems were down and we couldn't get into our room.

It was in that moment of panic in the hotel lobby bathroom that I whipped up a simple, pretty braid crown updo.

The wedding went wonderfully, everything was beautiful and perfect and everyone was really friendly and nice. My hair stayed perfectly in place throughout the entire night, and somehow managed to even look good after I'd slept on it that night.

It worked so perfectly for the wedding that I kept it in the next day too, but I added a little post wedding pizzaz.

The bride and groom were off to their honeymoon the next morning, a long stint in Europe, so they invited the guests to raid their centrepieces. I left with armfuls of gorgeous pink and white roses studded with baby's breath, even though I knew I'd have to leave them behind when we flew out in a few days.

The day after the wedding, I decided to put the amazing bouquets to good use. I carefully placed little sprigs of baby's breath into my braid crown. The result was some pretty serious fairy princess loveliness. I daresay it even has bridal party potential?

To replicate this hairstyle, you really only need a stem or two of baby's breath (mine cost $2 at a local flower market), two small elastics, and a handful of bobby pins. I recommend having dirty hair, as it seems to stick better, or clean hair that you've given a good coating of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

NOTE: for all of you who asked for a tutorial for my birthday cake hairstyle, this is it!

Step 1.

Part your hair like so…

Step 2.

Separate your hair into three chunks: two side chunks, much like if you were doing low pigtails, and a front chunk near your face.

Once you have separated, braid the two side pieces into loose braids and secure with a small clear elastic. Leave the front piece for now.

Step 3.

Carefully pull the braids to the top of your head, so they overlap and form one braid crown at the top.

Pin the ends tucked into the opposite braid to hide them and hold the braids in place. Then add a few extra bobby pins to ensure the whole thing holds.

Step 4.

Take that extra front chunk of hair and pull it back over the braid crown, pinning it tucked into the braid. This creates a lovely swooping effect that will help frame your face.

Pull a few little stands out if your prefer a messier look like I do.

Step 5.

Cut a few sprigs of flowers from your baby's breath and weave the stems into the braid. The stems are fairly sturdy, so you should be able to push them right into the braid and they will stay there.

When you feel you've added enough flowery goodness, top the whole thing off with a bit of hairspray to keep everything in place. I used Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer for Wizards. Wizards!

You'll probably have enough baby's breath leftover to have a little bunch in tiny vase for the next few days!