The 4 Things Helping Me Style My Hair Through the Awkward Growing-Out Phase

The struggle is getting real…
Publish date:
February 17, 2016
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Back in August, I mentioned that I was going to be growing my hair back out to a longer length. As much as I loved rocking a short crop, I was beginning to miss how low-maintenance my longer ‘do was.

It’s been about a half a year since I made that decision, and although I’ve made some decent progress on the hair-growth front, I’ve officially hit a point where my hair is a bit awkward. Having my hair at the length that it is currently has proved to be quite difficult as far as styling goes, but I think I’ve finally landed on a workable style for now with the help of a few different products and accessories.

Mielle Organics Flexible Hold Edge Gel

It’s no secret that I love Mielle Organics (they’ve hit Shea Moisture/Nubian Heritage status for me), and this gel is no exception. What I like is that the texture feels more like a pomade than a gel, but it still provides good hold.

My problem with gels is that it usually leaves my hair feeling hard and crunchy; with this, I feel that I get the hold I like with a little flexibility.

Wooden Paddle Brush

The brush was just a cheapie I picked up at Walgreens one night on a whim, but it’s been super-helpful for helping me work my deep conditioner through my hair during my conditioning routine, and even more helpful with styling. The densely packed bristles are perfect for smoothing down the side of my hair and for brushing through my hair to create tighter curls.

Bobby Pins

Again, brand is not important in this case. I just had to give a shout out to bobby pins for holding me down (literally) and keeping my hair in place. Because my curls are so fine, sometimes they don’t like to fluff up where I need them to, and bobby pins help me to position my hair the way I like.

Decorative Hair Pins

As far as hair accessories go, headbands were about as far into hair decoration as I would get into. I’m not a huge fan of how headbands look with my current length, so I’ve been leaning heavily on decorative hair pins and combs to amp up my look a little bit.

I bought mine on clearance at Versona, but I’ve been able to find cute hair accessories at Forever 21 and Target as well.

Is anyone else going through an awkward hair phase? How do you adjust your styling to make your hair work for you?