Aveda Smooth Infusion Gave My Blowout 9 Lives

Attention curly girls who have broken up with hair relaxer: this stuff is everything.
Publish date:
August 6, 2014
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As someone who has recently made the decision to stop relaxing my naturally curly hair, I feel pretty awesome. My hair is growing like crazy and I'm excited for the day when all of it is one texture.

Something I did not count on when I started this journey in the early spring of this year was the madness I would encounter come summer. Humidity is the devil, y’all, and traversing the steamy city streets (and subway platforms) in the swampy heat has made for some crazy hair days.

It’s an even bigger feat to get a blowout in this weather. Yes, I know that such attempts are seemingly futile, but sometimes I just need to glimpse myself with smooth hair. Of course, the second I step outside and feel that first bead of sweat on my hairline, I know it's over. By the next block my roots are shrinking and I’ve just set fire to $40 and tip.

I have come close--dangerously close--to reverting back to a relaxer a few times, but I just don’t want to make that commitment again. And straightening treatments like keratin and chemical relaxers hold the peril of possibly far-reaching damage to all the progress that’s been made. (Let me be clear: I do NOT want to repeat this growing out process EVER AGAIN.)

This past month, however, I found the Holy Grail of anti-frizz and even texture: Aveda Smooth Infusion.

The winners of the line are essentially a tag team of two products: The Style-Prep Smoother, which is like the lovechild of a leave-in conditioner and a styling treatment, and the Glossing Straightener, which delivers lasting straightening power.

Both products boast a plant-derived proprietary blend of botanicals like organic aloe, maize, and guar bean (the Glossing Straightener also has plant-derived cellulose) to help hydrate and smooth the cuticle of the hair naturally. The formulas also have hydrolyzed wheat protein to protect your hair from heat damage.

I was told that splitting hair into two ponytails is the best guide to know how much of each product to use: The size of each ponytail base is the exact size dollop you should use on each side. Emulsify it in your palms and evenly distribute it from root to ends before blow-drying.

Don’t want to use heat? You can also wrap set your hair for similarly smooth results. Both deliver humidity-proof smoothness that doesn’t leave your roots shrinking and screaming at the sight of water.

But let’s say you’d just like your tight curls to not be so, well, tight. This is where Naturally Straight, a daily leave-in that uses plant-derived fibers to help hold the curl straight, comes in. It smoothes the curl day after day, and after five consecutive uses, the results last for up to three washes. If you have really unruly curls and you want an anti-chemical smoothing solution, this is your golden ticket.

What sold me was that my blowout from the salon (first time using the product) made it through a full day of New York humidity and subsequent scalp sweat without budging. It took a SoulCycle class the next day to get it to die, people. IT IS EVERYTHING.

The shampoo and the conditioner have continued to bolster the smooth, hydrated, easy-to-manage results.

When you’re ready for your hair to resume its curly magic, just stop using the products. Your curls will naturally bounce back unharmed and happily springy. But consistent use of the product elongates the curl so it stays smoother longer.

For me, these products have made the difference, especially since humidity is such a nightmare when you’re rocking two separate hair textures. The line has absolutely made the summer easier to handle, even if I choose to wrap my hair and style without heat.

If you’re not quite ready to give up blowouts just because it’s summer and/or you want to manage frizz with a smoother texture, I fully recommend this as a year-round solution for calmer, easier hair days. A little infusion of smoothness has made everything pretty right in my world.

How is your hair holding up this summer? What products are getting you through? Have you tried Aveda Smooth Infusion?