I Wish I'd Used This Deep Conditioner Sooner, But I Thought It Was Mousse

For months, my packaging presumptions somehow overrode my ability to read.

Mousse packaging has a very specific look that's pretty consistent from brand to brand: it's usually in a tall, metal, aerosol container, topped off with a tall nozzle and a little ledge to press down with your finger to make it emerge.

You can't tell me this doesn't look like mousse.

But it's not! It's ARROJO Whipped Treatment, and it's a deep conditioner, and I'm an idiot.

I let this product sit on my desk for months, assuming it was a mousse and thinking, Well, I already did a mousse roundup a few months ago, so I guess it'll just have to wait.

Never did it occur to me to actually READ THE WORDS ON THE PACKAGING.

Whipped Treatment: Long-lasting, color-saving treatment conditioner to keep the tone of your hue. Preserves shine, fights breakage, luxurious and rich.

Directions: Massage into wet hair. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

My parents like to tell people I could spell "apple" before I could say most words, but my superior literacy skills clearly failed me. I'm ashamed of my packaging prejudice, and my hair paid the price.

Well, it's not like my hair suffered without it, but I definitely didn't get to enjoy its benefits, which I finally bestowed upon my head this morning.

Although the dispenser works just like mousse, the product that comes out is rich and creamy--not foamy at all. It has a fresh, intoxicating scent that I want to pretty much rub all over my body, but limited it to my hair, after shampooing.

I did all my face and body washing and scrubbing while I left it on for five minutes or so, letting ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, lanolin and keratin do their thing.

Oh, and there's polyquaternium-37 in it! You may recall from Sable's interview with a cosmetic chemist: "Whenever you look at the back of a conditioner bottle or hair mask or something like that and you see a polyquaternium and a dash and then a number, those are really good for protecting your hair. Those are molecules designed to encase your hair and protect from a lot of damage that may come to it." And because it's a higher number, it's really beneficial for thick hair like mine.

I'm sure the benefits build when using it over time -- ARROJO suggests once a week -- but my initial observations include soft, easy-to-style hair. And because it helps hold on to color, I'll definitely be keeping it in rotation.

It's a bummer that I could've been using this for a while, but now that I know what's really in this deceiving can, I'll try to catch up on the deep-condition-y goodness forthwith.