Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey: The Two Kitchen Staples That Keep My Hair Super-Shiny

I use one right after the other, and the results are insane.
Publish date:
September 24, 2013
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I moved to a new city a couple months ago, and with new digs comes a new water supply. The balance of minerals streaming from my tap has been making my hair less than happy.

I’m trying to slow my roll on all the beauty product hauling I’ve been doing, so I was looking for a cheap solution to deal with my dry and dingy locks.

After a little experimenting with some cult-favorite homemade hair masks, I discovered that the answer to my problems was chillin' in my kitchen cabinet.

You may have heard of apple cider vinegar and honey for various beauty applications before. ACV toner, honey face masks, even taking vinegar internally to clear up skin issues--this stuff is nearing coconut oil in multipurpose status.

So here’s how I’m using them both to make my hair awesome.

First, I start off in the shower with my regular shampoo, followed by an ACV rinse. Now, the magical vinegar rinse has been talked about before, but the way I use these two hair treatments together makes a major difference, I think.

I start by putting about a third of a cup of ACV in a squeezable water bottle and filling the rest up with very cold water. I shake to mix it up evenly.

After I’ve rinsed out my shampoo (still Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo, holla) I squeeze the bottle all through the roots of my hair making sure to get my entire scalp. It will feel freezing. It’s OK to yelp a little. I take a minute or two to massage it through my hair, and then rinse out.

This treatment works because vinegar is a mild chelating agent so it binds with the minerals and metals that might be lurking in your water (especially hard water) and whisks them away. ACV will destroy any buildup (both the mineral and product kinds) you're experiencing.

The acid also helps lower the pH of your hair very gently, so that the “scales” of your hair cuticle can lay flat, thus giving it a sleek and shiny appearance. The cold water I mix it with doubles that cuticle-smoothing effect.

Then, when it's time to condition, I mix my conditioner 1:1 with about a quarter-sized dollop of honey.

Stir it up in your palm with a finger to make sure the honey is evenly mixed through, and apply as you would normal conditioner.

I like to put it up with a claw clip before shaving my legs, to give it time to absorb. The honey works to make your hair softer and smoother because the sugars in honey act as a humectant, drawing moisture from the air into your hair (and there is plenty of air moisture to be had in a humid shower).

That only adds to the unbelievable softness and shine you will see from using these two masks in conjunction with one another. Curlyheads will also see a boost in the bounce and springiness of their coils.

The honey surprisingly doesn’t make your hair sticky at all, and rinses out clean. It does, however, mask any vinegar scent that lingers in your hair after the ACV rinse.

Brunette ladies should use caution, though: honey actually releases a very mild form of peroxide as it works on your hair (which is what makes it such an effective acne-killer), so using this too often could lighten your hair. I limit myself to twice a month or so. Blondes, feel free to incorporate this more regularly, because it can give you some sick highlights.

Used sparingly though, the honey makes everything mad hydrated, so your hair comes out super-sleek and not at all fuzzy, as clarifying treatments like the ACV rinse can often do.

So will you be using apple cider vinegar on, like, everything now? What’s your favorite edible item to use for beauty purposes? Besides coconut oil; I mean, we get it already, its great at evvvvvvverything.