So I Went Blonde

Because I love disappointing my mother.

This was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision. Well, as spur-of-the-moment as going blonde can be for a narcissistic beauty editor. Cue Instagram, where I came across Aura, known for blonding the babely Soo Joo Park and for her sick splashlight technique.

A week's worth of moments later, I found myself in her chair at Sally Hershberger Downtown, foil upon foil added throughout my hair. Because of my previous dye jobs (remember that only a few short months have passed since I was a strong-black-coffee brown), Aura opted against her preferred method of balayage for a full highlight using the foil technique, which is better for lifting any remaining dark tint.

I'm weirdly disappointed that I didn't get to experience the classic ANTM makeover episode bleach job sob fest-- you know, the burning scalp, "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING" moment? My hair doesn't even feel any different; it's still soft, shiny and without the slightest resemblance to straw.

Expect updates, at this point I'm still just working on getting used to my own reflection.

Opinions commence! Mom just sent me a semicolon and slash, which I'm interpreting as an unsure squinty face.