Quick Question: How Often Do You Let Your Hair Air-Dry?

Specifically, how often do you leave the house without the aid of ANY heat styling?
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October 22, 2013
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I'm not big on blow-drying my hair. Unless I have the time to blow-dry and flat-iron, there's no point, because my hair after just blow-drying is a semi-straight, fully frizzy block of puffiness. I'd rather flat-iron or curling-wand it from its air-dried state.

Or I could just air-dry it and accept it. That looks like this:

This morning, my hair wasn't fully dry when I left the apartment, so I put a little de-frizzing cream in it and went with the flow. Well, not so much flow as crinkly boho wave-curl things.

I swear, my hair air-dried straighter when I was a kid. And when I was in college, with the right amount of finger twisting, I could manipulate it into full-on ringlets. These, days, though, it's just sort of confused.

It's publicly acceptable, I suppose. Perhaps it's a combination of the wrong products and my way-too-grown-out color that's emphasizing the less desirable aspects of my air-dried results. I just miss how mindlessly I used to be able to let it dry, nary a product in sight, and it would look luxurious.

How about you guys? Quick Question: How often do you let your hair air-dry, without taking any heat-styling products to it during or after? Do you like how it looks when you do? Post a photo if you've got one!