Add An Intentional Kink To Your Hair

Because sometimes you want to look like you've had your hair in a ponytail all day.
Publish date:
September 13, 2013
Look To Try This Weekend

You know how you get a crease or kink in your hair from an elastic? This look is that, but intentional. I dunno, I just think it looks cool.

So it's really easy. Just...

1. Straighten your hair:

2. Section out small pieces and pull tight to bend around a straightener:

3. Spray some hairspray on your hair and some texturizing spray onto the straight ends to separate. This will make the kinks stand out more. Then be hot:

Annnnddd the off-center homepage shot for good measure:

Yay! So what are you going to do this weekend? If previous "Look To Try" comments are any indication, lemme guess: "NOT THIS!" Regardless, I hope you have a great one!