How To Get '90s Red Carpet Portia de Rossi Hair WHEN THERE WERE NO RULES

This look is actually three hairstyles in one. God I love lesbians.

Leave it to HuffPost Style and their never-ending selection of celebrity slideshows to be the source of inspiration for this weekend’s Look To Try. The below photo of Portia de Rossi was from a slideshow entitled something along the lines of “Wackiest '90s Red Carpet Looks On Everybody’s Favorite Lesbians” or maybe it was, “The ‘90s’ Best Red Carpet Mule Moments and Side Flips,” or “'90’s Beaded Red Carpet Looks Inspired By Pop-Tarts.”

Basically anything with “‘90s,” “red carpet,” and a third wildcard component that they draw out of a hat to zest it up a bit. (Actually, I'm just being a dick, it was from "Celebrities at 40: These 19 Women Have Aged Gracefully.")

I love HuffPost Style, and their ability to make me click on all 300 of their daily tweets--even the ones linking to the same story thrice. THEY GET ME EVERY TIME. Almost as much as I love dear Portia’s understated weirdlegance going on in the hair region.

The style has everything I love about hair but never considered smushing together: a perfectly smooth, shiny blowout, a few delicate waves, and, of course, a good side flip. And it’s actually way simple to recreate.

Just start with a blowout, concentrating on smoothing your ends into a soft bend with a large round brush and a bit of extra heat from the blow dryer.

Then part your hair into a good side flip, making sure not to cut too deep to one side--we want this flip to be a bit on the conservative side so you won't have to keep flipping throughout the day. (While adorable and flirty, this will ruin the waves.)

Heat a small curling wand-- I used the tiniest, .07 barrel from my Amika set. Take a small section of hair from the flopped side and gently twist.

Wrap the section around the curling wand, keeping the barrel as close to the roots as possible without third-degree burns.

With my shorter layers, I found that wrapping the entire top sections around the curler helped them blend better into the rest of the hair. If your hair is all one length like dear Portia's, only curl about half of the length, so that the bottom section will blend nicely into the bottom half of your hair.

After you've curled enough sections to fill the flipped area with waves, brush them out a bit with a natural bristle brush to separate and soften.

Try not to smirk awkwardly. Own it.