5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Beach Hair Edition

Beach hair, GIF-guides, ORANGE.
Publish date:
May 29, 2013
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Here are some pretty things we found around the internet this week.

I'm so excited for beach hair season! It's the sexiest time, no? While I prefer the real deal you get from swimming in the ocean (my favorite thing to do), I'm pretty glad there are options for DIYing it, like Into The Gloss's twist-it-up-and-sleep-on-it method. I also love my Goody Hair Waver which I used to get this look.

Marci and I got amazing blowouts at Dreamdry two weeks ago -- it's Rachel Zoe's new blowout spot and they use delightfully yum-smelling Oribe products. I would totally drop $22 for Oribe hair perfume, which absorbs odors and neutralizes static, making your fancy blowout last longer. [Who What Wear]

OF. COURSE. The new She + Him album comes with nail wraps that are poppy and 1960s-ish. [Glo]

We've already declared our love for orangey-red lipsticks around these parts. But I want to try orangey-orange lipstick, so it's pretty lucky that MAC is coming out with seven different shades of orange lipstick on June 6th. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

If you have thin hair and want tons of volume, do this! Let the GIFs guide you. [The Cut]

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