The 4-Minute Hairstyle That Will Make People Say You Look 'Put Together'

This braided look takes me less time to do than any other style when I wake up looking like Doc from Back to the Future.
Publish date:
April 3, 2014
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I’m really bad at
. When I say "really bad," I mean like I can’t remember the last time I slept through a night. I’m
about as scatterbrained and insomnia-prone as they come, which means I’m pretty
much the worst at dragging myself out of bed in the morning.

Fortunately, I've mastered a quick and easy way to get compliments on how “put together” I look, despite the fact that I spent less than four minutes on my hair
before I ran out the door. That braided hairstyle
everyone thinks takes me so long? It takes less time to do than anything else
when I wake up looking like Doc from Back to the Future.

Before we get started I need to mention something I could not
live without. Bobby pins. The things you manage to buy hundreds of and misplace all year
long? Yeah, those little guys.

They can come in handy in the most dire of moments and can transform
your hair if you want to trick people into thinking you’re fancy. Or maybe you
ARE fancy but you just woke up 10 minutes
ago and are gonna be late for work if you don’t get your butt out the door ASAP
like me.

All you need for this look is a handful of bobby pins
(surprise!) and a brush. It really is that simple.

Even if this hair gets
messier during the day it still looks better than if you’d just thrown your
hair up in a bun or attempted to brush your bed-head flat.

So the real backbone of this look is knowing how to braid
your hair to your head à la French braids. I think this comes as second nature to
me because, when I was a kid, my mom used to French braid my hair a ton--I guess
I just sort of picked it up along the way. But for those of you who don’t know
how, here’s a quick how-to!

Now all you have to do is wrap yourself in a giant scarf and
try not to fall asleep in it!