Kill Short-Hair Boredom With 3 Easy Styles (And Just 3 Products!)

All you need is a flat iron, gel, and temporary hair color. You don't even need boredom!
Publish date:
May 17, 2013
short hair, hair color, hair gels, flat irons, fauxhawks, finger waves, Vanessa Hudgens

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about cheating on my greatest love.

I look in the mirror and find that, overnight, I’ve grown out my pixie cut into a chic black bob, or into long, golden mermaid hair. I gasp with pleasure, convinced that it’s not a dream and that I really do have insanely fast-growing hair. Then I wake up and am consumed with guilt.

It’s not that I don’t love my hair; it’s that I’ve grown bored.

So what’s a girl to do when short-hair boredom sets in? There’s only so much you can do with a pixie cut, right? HAHA WRONG.

Allow me to show you three totally different looks that I created with about three inches of hair and only three different products.

No lie--you really only need three things to make these three different short hairstyles: a mini straightener or curling iron, hair gel, and hair dye. You can, of course, bring in additional backup if you want, but I’ll get to that. Let’s walk through the first look.


For this style, I was inspired by this picture of Vanessa Hudgens. Disclaimer: my hair ended up looking nowhere near as awesome as this. Mine is a lot shorter than hers. Still, I did my best. Here’s how.

First, wet your hair. (At this point you can put in other products if you like, such as mousse or anti-frizz serum. The brand doesn’t matter; I recommend you steal some from your sister. That works well and it’s cheap.)

Then, I put in some hair gel to give it some hold and blow dry it until it’s just barely damp. I used Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel because it was the most expensive one at Walgreens and it has great reviews online and OKAY because I want short sexy hair. Sue me. Only don’t, because I have no money left now.

Anyway, then I take my mini straightener and go through my hair in sections, clamping one piece at a time against my head (careful not to burn yourself!) in sort of a half curl until I formed neat, tight waves.

I tried to make a bunch of ridges throughout, going from top to bottom. God, I am the worst at describing this. Let’s skip to the end: I sprayed on some hairspray (also optional, also stolen) and threw on a (optional, stolen) hair clip for some extra ‘20s pizazz. You can also add some bobby pins for extra hold.


I feel like such a fraud because I am the farthest thing from rock/punk. But I’m not exactly a 1920s flapper either, and this is all about reinventing yourself!

So here’s how we do this. It’s pretty complicated, so stay with me here: Wet your hair, put in a ton of gel, then run your sticky hands through your hair, adding enough product until it’s terrified to move an inch. Done!

I found that the Short Sexy Hair gel worked really well for holding up my ridiculously thick hair, but it did get crunchy after a while. It was helpful to run some water through my hair whenever my fauxhawk started to look kind of sad.

Now you’re ready to pretend to be badass. Pair with some scary eye makeup and your most rebellious tee.


Finally we’ve made it to hairstyle number three, which is good because I’m tired of washing my hair and reinventing myself. I take it all back--I just want to be me again! But first: pink hair.

I’ve always wanted to try a pastel pink all over. Unfortunately, I’m not doing that the day before a job interview, so I searched for a temporary solution.

I ended up getting a can of Jerome Russell B Wild! Temp’ry Color Spray in Lynx Pink. It’s about $5, and it’s a spray that washes right out, so it’s not a huge commitment if you’re looking for some temporary drunken fun. I did it sober; I wouldn’t trust my drunken self to not spray my entire head Lynx Pink. Instead, I did one tasteful streak in the front.

If you also have dark hair, I recommend spraying some dry shampoo on first so that the color really sticks and shows up. I tried to think of a way to separate that section of hair from the rest, but laziness won and I basically just held it away from my head and sprayed until I was satisfied. I like how it ended up messy and imperfect.

I’m exhausted now and my hair hates me, so I’m going to go take a nap and stain my pillow pink.

Let me know if you’d try any of these in the comments. Or maybe your short-hair game is way more advanced than mine, in which case, tell it to my face! If you don’t have short hair yet,, bookmark this for when you do, because one day you’ll be one of us and you’ll need this inspiration. One day you’ll all be one of us. We don’t own a brush and can go for a week without washing our hair! Wait, that’s just me?