The 1940s-Glam Hairstyle You Can Do In Minutes

Publish date:
September 9, 2014
How-To, updos, headbands, hairstyles, forties hair, retro hair

Isn’t it awesome when you do something different to your hair and compliments come pouring in? Recently I’ve been wearing this hairstyle a lot, and people always remark on it.

It’s an amazingly easy updo created with an elastic headband. If you’re into the pinup or rockabilly scene, or just enjoy that type of style, you’ll love this look. It’s similar to victory rolls and other va-va-voom styles from the '40s and '50s. (I have long hair, but if you have short hair and want a similar look, check out Christina's "fake updo")

Here's What You Need:

Now, Follow These 10 Steps:

1. Use the comb to part your hair down the middle.

2. Put the headband on in the same way you'd put on a crown.

3. Grab a chunk of hair near your roots and swoop it through the headband.

4-6. Repeat the process in a nice, neat manner until you’re done with half of your head and it looks like a roll.

7-8. Do the same process on the other half of your head.

9. Once you have all of your hair tucked into the headband you can play around with the rolls and tease them a bit.

10. Fasten in your clip and strike a pose.

Another option is to do this style on one side and leave the other side hanging down. Either way, done neatly, this style turns heads!

Would you try this? What other fun headband hairstyles have you tried and loved?