The 10 Most Awesome Celebrity Hair Streaks

Some are their everyday looks, some belong to fictional alter egos; but all are streakin' amazing! (I cannot believe I just typed that.)
Publish date:
October 11, 2013
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If I were a frat boy, the name of this article would be "We're Going Streaking!" a la Will Ferrell in Old School. But I'm not a frat boy. (Why would a frat boy be the beauty director of xoVain?) I haven't even seen Old School--it's just embedded so firmly in the collective unconscious that I know that line exists.

Anyway, I've been growing tired of my auburn hair color and the ungracefully-growing-out orangey streak that was inspired by Peter Som's Spring 2012 runway hair. But even though I'll be going back to an all-over dark brown soon, there's a part of me that will always love a shock of contrasting color, and always has. Maybe it's in my blood; my mom did a blonde streak in the late '60s.

As a send-off to my streak--I haven't made an appointment yet, so don't be like, "Hey, you're still orange," if my hair's not dark brown in my next article--I've put together a list of some of my favorite famous hair streaks, in no particular order.


Bluesy goddess Bonnie Raitt is the reason you have not seen the last of The Streak on my head. I will, at some point in my 50s or 60s, dye my hair fiery red and leave (OK, bleach, because I won't be that lucky) a few pieces in the front white. I will then finally pursue my dreams of being a lounge singer and sing "I Can't Make You Love Me" over and over.

And just in case you were wondering, Bonnie's streak is, for the most part, natural. In 2012, she told Parade, "I was 24 [when it came in] and you can sort of see it on album covers. By 1981 it was expanding and my red was fading, so I started dyeing my hair [around the streak]."


It's not easy to pull off a white streak on super-frizzy hair, but Elsa Lanchester made it werk. Maybe it's the straight brows or the dark lipstick or the standing next to a monster, but I think she looks fabulous.

HONORABLE MENTION: Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein because I love her more than pretty much anything.


Modern-day torch singer Christina Perri (no relation to Katy Perry because, spelling) busted onto the radio in 2010 with "Jar of Hearts" and streak of platinum. I swear, that off-to-the-side stripe makes her even more convincingly heartbroken.

In 2013, she was spotted at Grammy parties with super-long chestnut-brown hair and no visible blonde streak. I guess that's fame for ya.


In X-Men, Rogue gets her white streak the old-fashioned way: her energy was being is sucked out by a machine Magneto built. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.


Instead of the usual dark hair with a light streak, Rihanna's mostly-blonde hair in 2011 temporarily had a black streak up front. Oh, RiRi. Always taking trends and tweaking them to make them your own!


Let's be real. Those white streaks are the only way to tell Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily Munster apart from Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams.


It has come to my attention that most pictures of Wiz Khalifa involve hat-wearing, which is a disappointment, because his blonde streak is like a ray of sunshine.


The silver streak belonging to What Not To Wear's Stacy London is believed to be the result of either psoriasis, or the tar and boric acid put on her scalp to deal with it. (Tar and boric acid is a treatment for ANYTHING?!) Whatever--it's the coolest side effect ever. There was even a clause in her Pantene contract that prevented them from dyeing it.

Recently, Huffington Post had a cow when Stacy let Rita Hazan give her ombré hair because, I mean, one of the most stylish women in the country let one of the top colorists in the world give her a hair color trend that some say has been over since before it started. But hey, she kept the grays. YAYS!


OK, first and foremost, if you haven't heard of Paloma Faith, check out her cover of INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart" right this second.

I'll be adding that to my lounge-singer repertoire, and it's apropos, because Paloma totally channels Bonnie Raitt with her red hair and thick strip of platinum up front. Maybe I won't wait until I'm 60 after all...


He's a hairstylist (OK, barber), and he's sexy as hell (except for the violent tendencies). I'd trust him with my hair (but not my neck).

Did I leave out your favorite hair streak? Yell at me for this horrific transgression in the comments.