SKATER GIRLS RULE: I'm Going Back To My SoCal Roots Thanks To These Beauty Products

Even though I don’t skateboard to brunch and hang out at Echo Beach anymore, these beauty products bring me back to my happy place and really make me feel good.
Publish date:
April 10, 2014
nail polish, spring, beach culture

Everyone loves to reminisce about their college days-- living away from home, making new friends, and not having much responsibility beyond going to class and making it to graduation. When I was in school, I lived on the beach in a winterless southern California and did my homework outside on the deck year-round. I miss those years even more now that I live in cold, overcrowded NYC. Every time someone brings up Orange County in conversation, I’m the first to chime in and talk about my first apartment in Newport Beach and how 4th of July is the official holiday of Balboa Island.

Now that the first real glimpses of spring are here, I was clicking back through pictures of the beauty looks shown on the runways and I was instantly inspired to bust out my blue eyeliner thanks to Marc Jacobs, and let my hair down, au natural, like models at Proenza Schouler. It reminded me of experimenting with crazy bright eyeliner, rocking wavy, air-dried hair, and looking so cute cause I was so young and carefree (cliché, I know, but it’s the truth!). I decided to channel my college self with stuff I have at home now. Here is what I used to get my skater girl look back.


Whenever I would hit snooze for the 3rd time and realize I was late for class, I would flip my hair over to shake out the kinks from sleeping on it, do a side swept part, and run out the door. And it looked cool. I recreated my old school waves by letting my hair air dry and then generously spraying Joico’s Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax ($17.99), piecing my hair apart, and embracing that deep side part again. This product is smells good, and the hold is good enough for an undone look, but won’t leave your hair stiff like a hair spray.


On my face, I used a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF—less is totally more if you want to look like a cool skater chick. I am a fan of the “no-makeup” look and Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer ($43) evens out my skin and covers up imperfections just fine. For my lips, I opted for two coats of Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss in Papaya Slushie ($14.40)-- one coat was enough, but I wanted a deeper coral so I went for two. I kept my eyes super bare by using one coat of MAC Studio Sculpt Mascara ($16) perfectly combed lashes and a dab of Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($5.99) on my eyelids for a wet, fresh-from-the-beach effect.


I was late to the game in discovering Essie Ballet Slippers, so for the past three years, it has been my go to shade. Before this discovery, however, I was down for a glitter mani or orange polish at any given moment. Revlon just launched a Spiderman Chrome nail enamel capsule and I was immediately drawn to the “I’m Electro” shade. I used two coats of the fast drying formula and it looks way cooler than I expected (I’ll be keeping it on for the next few days for sure!).

Even though I don’t live on the west coast or skateboard to brunch and hang out at Echo Beach, these beauty products bring me back to my happy place and really make me feel good. And isn’t that what beauty is all about? I am looking forward this summer when I can change up my makeup routine and embrace brighter colors, low maintenance hair, and minimal makeup. Do you guys have any beauty suggestions for a gal trying to channel her inner skater girl?