GOIN' UP THE COUNTRY: The Products I Packed For A Camping Weekend

I spent a long weekend in the relative wilderness and (thanks to certain products) survived without a sunburn or a bug bite.
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May 23, 2012
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Hello xoJaners. How was your weekend? I realize that by the time you read this it will be a Tuesday, but up here in Canada we just had our Victoria Day long weekend and my days have been thrown off a little bit thanks to an escape to the great outdoors.

I didn't take any photos this weekend so instead, here is a 2 year-old photo of me swimming in a waterfall and flaring my nostrils because the water was freezing. It's still nature, so you know, whatever.

Yes, Victoria Day Long Weekend, or "May 2-4" as it is often called since it's basically a weekend devoted to beer, came and went and I celebrated by heading up to my boyfriend's family's cottage 3 hours north of Toronto (and after seeing "The Cabin In The Woods" last week, I was a little wary. Just kidding. That movie was hilarious! And awesome. Anyway.)

I spent the weekend sitting by campfires, stargazing on the dock (I seriously hadn't seen that many stars in the sky in probably 15 years; wonderful stuff), and swimming in the lake. There were swarms of black flies trying to get at me and a blaring sun trying to burn my skin, but oh, I outwitted nature thanks to my smart packing skills.

For those of you with camping trips coming up, or those of you who just plan on sitting out in the sun this Summer, take note. Here, a list of the products that kept my skin sane all weekend.

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunscreen Pure Lavender SPF 45

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunscreen Pure Lavender SPF 45 ($10.99, albabotanica.com)

I guess I'm on a lavender kick lately. Between my new favourite deodorant by LaVanila, and this suncreen, I was smelling very Provence-esque. I also read somewhere that apparently bugs don't dig the smell of lavender, so perhaps the scent contributed to my lack of bites.

The point is, this sunscreen kept me pale, just like I like. It also seemed to last through a dip in the lake (it's supposedly waterproof up to 40 minutes), although I reapplied after just to be safe since I'm kind of nuts-o about sun protection. I really like this formula though and its whole natural schtick, so if you're into that, and the scent of lavender, check it out.

Green Beaver Certified Organic Andiroba Outdoor Lotion

Green Beaver Certified Organic Andiroba Outdoor Lotion ($14.99, greenbeaver.com)

So, I don't like the idea of all those gross chemicals from bugspray touching and then seeping into my skin, and then slowly killing me.

Instead, I opted to slather all natural bugspray onto my skin and then just sprayed my jacket with the chemical-laced stuff. Makes sense, right? Well, it does to me. And I didn't get bitten by any bugs! So my theory holds.

On the tops of my feet, ankles, wrists and my neck, I spritzed on this ever-so-Canadian Green Beaver lotion. It has a stinky (think mild B.O.) undertone but whatever, this is the great outdoors. Everybody stinks, and I don't want any giant nickel-sized black fly welts, thank you very much.

Yes To Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelettes

Yes To Cucumbers On The Go Facial Towelettes ($2.99 for 10 travel wipes, drugstores)

Each night I slept in a little wooden cabin with no running water or a toilet (the bigger cabin through the woods had a bathroom with a shower, so I wasn't totally deprived, you guys).

However, not having any running water in the middle of the night means no sink to wash my face or brush my teeth at. Instead, I brought along these super-soft, super-moisturizing face wipes to take the grime of the day off.

I really like these mini 10-wipe packs for just throwing in my purse and leaving there, in case I ever crash somewhere I hadn't originally intended to crash. They're little lifesavers.

Now tell me, what do you pack for a weekend in the woods? And are you one of those people who wears make-up when they go camping?Please tell me. I feel like a totally defunct beauty editor for not wearing a speck of make-up all weekend or ever even brushing my hair but it just seemed kind of pointless.

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