So Here's What's Up with Glossier Phase 2

I have been eagerly awaiting Phase 2 since, well, Phase 1.
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April 17, 2016
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Okay I know it's been out for a month, almost to the day, and believe me, I wish I had covered it sooner, too. BUT, there was shipping drama, presumably because everyone thinks I live in New York, so I'm only just now able to telling you guys about Glossier's Phase 2 set. It's worth the wait.

By now, I feel like you know whether or not you're on board with Glossier. Me? Oh, I am all the way down. I love that their products are versatile, they play well with others, and they prove that less really can be more. I know some of you are put off by their effortless, anyone-can-be-a-cool-girl branding, citing the fact that you feel like it's a gimmick. But guess what? It's beauty. It's all a fucking gimmick.

Turns out, when products are created by beauty editors who really know what works and what doesn't, that ask their consumer what they want, and formulate a product with their input, the end result ends up being skincare and makeup that become your new essentials no matter what your beauty routine looks like.

Imagine that.

I have been eagerly awaiting Phase 2 since, well, Phase 1, so that's what we're getting into today.

Disclaimer: I came down with a weird sinus thing over the weekend and I shot this on Monday, so I still looked and felt like a wet bag of dicks.

I mean I looked fine, but not my best. This works out of you, though, because it's a great example of how Glossier helped get me together.

Phase 2 consists of Boy Brow which launched last fall, the new Stretch Concealer, and the new Generation G lipstick.

To start, I applied Glossier's Skin Tint from Phase 1 in Medium to a primed face.

Then, I grabbed the new Stretch Concealer in Medium, $18.

First of all, that packaging. I'm dying. I love a good old english-ish initial. Remember Britney's?

I was all amped about Phase 2, but when Glossier announced that they were doing a concealer, my response was an unenthusiastic "...oh."

I'm not a concealer girl, never have been. I probably should be, because I've got wicked dark circles, and, as I careen into old age, some discoloration around my eyes. I just feel like concealers always take away too much of my natural coloring and flatten my face out.

Instead of concealer, I'll put an extra layer of foundation under my eyes and immediately set it. I find that evens out my coloring without robbing my face of any natural shape and shadow. I still look like me, just a more well-rested me.

Plus, finding a concealer that's the right consistency, not too hard, not too creamy, that sits on your face nicely, is always a battle. Then preventing it from creasing. Count me out.

Glossier's Stretch Concealer claims micro elastic waxes and beeswax allow the concealer to move with your skin, instead of creating noticeable creases, while avocado and jojoba oil give it the glow-y finish that you come to expect from Glossier products.

I gently swirled my ring finger around in the product to warm it up before tapping it under my eyes, starting from the inner corner going outward.

It was light and sort of sticky, in a way that it immediately clung to where I put it without me having to rub the sensitive area below my eyes. It didn't move around too much, which was nice.

One layer was good, two was better. The Stretch Concealer evened out my dark circles and discoloration. It's pigmented enough to knock out everything I wanted it to, but blended in with the Skin Tint, and my actual skin, making it look like I wasn't wearing anything at all.

The touch of dewiness was perfect because it subtly kicked light off of the darkest spots on my face which helped to further cover them up, without having to cake the product on. Most important, it stayed where I put it all night and DID NOT CREASE. I repeat: The Stretch Concealer did not crease.

The the look of the product, both in packaging and formula, is not unlike the "Un" Cover-Up from RMS Beauty. While that is a very good alternative, I like the Stretch Concealer better because it is easier to apply and blend, it's more flexible (RMS creases a bit,) and it's got a glow that the "Un" Cover-Up lacks. All of these little differences come together to make a superior product. For half the price.

I covered Boy Brow when it launched so I won't bore you with all of those riveting details about my brows all over again.

Let's review the benefits quick:

  • Boy Brow applies to your brows like a thin cream pomade and builds beautifully.
  • It shapes them and holds them in place all day, like a wax.
  • The brush drags product across the skin below your brows, filling it in like a brow pencil.

It's a great brow product for on the go, in your purse, or if you, like me, always end up laying your brows on in a hurry. "THEY'RE SISTERS, NOT TWINS," I hiss, as I drag the tail of my right brow out to my earlobe while stopping the other just short of my pupil.

Generation G Lipstick, $18.

As much as I like my beauty look to be a little "undone," I do love a bold, precise, dramatic lip. I have a drawer so full of matte liquid lipsticks that I can't even shut it, and they're what I reach for any time I want some color on my lips. If I'm gonna be the guy in lipstick, I'm gonna be the guy in lipstick.

However. Lately, I have been sort of feeling a more subtle lip look. Not just a simple sheer lipstick, though. I'm not crazy about how sheers build, look, or wear, aside from being used as a cheek stain.

But like, you know how your lips look after having sex for three hours when you go into the bathroom to glue on the one false eyelash that came off in the sheets? When your lips are all flushed and swollen and gorgeous? THAT. That's the look I'm going for, always. I guess some people would call that a "popsicle stain."

The Generation G lipsticks are sheer mattes available in four shades, of which I have Like (l) and Jam (r).

They glide on looking like a perfectly blotted out, but not worn out, lip color, and stay there and wear just like that for hours. They cling to the lips, the sheerness of them doesn't effect the wear, and though they're matte, they're not going to dry your lips out.

Like builds to a soft, plush pink that is gorgeous for any damn time of the day.

And Jam is the sheer matte lip born out of my pre-summer beauty fever dreams.

Like, WHAT? I can't function.

I've bought my favorite Glossier products for all my friends because they're that good, and these lip colors, Jam especially, is going to another one that I gift around because it looks amazing on every skin tone, it's easy to wear, and no one should be without it. You don't even need a mirror to apply it! Maybe just your selfie camera.

Have you tried Phase 2? What are your favorite products right now? Tell me what I'm missing out on in the comments because I get all my best ideas from you guys.

Tynan is a cool Glossier Girl on Twitter @TynanBuck.