Glitter Ombre Nails: Make Your Fingertips Look Like Freakin’ Christmas Trees!

Ho ho ho! It’s only bloody Christmas time! To celebrate, and because I have an addiction to glitter, I went and painted my nails up like Christmas, and so can you if you follow my slapdash guide! Yippee!
Publish date:
December 21, 2012
nail art, Christmas, DIY, Christmas Tree nails

You will need all this shit that everybody has in their house:Nail polish in tree green, frosty white/silver, GLITTER (or, whatever colours you like)A kitchen sponge Scissors A foil mince pie thing. Or whatever, something you can use as a palette Nail polish remover and cotton buds (this is a messy job, yo)

For glitter ombre nails, you can use any colour scheme. I went for green because it’s like a Christmas tree and, frankly, I would make out with my Christmas tree if I could.

1.) Paint your nails your base colour. I went for Nails Inc’s Portland Place, which is clearly a colour I’m fond of, as it matches my fave cardigan.

2.) Cut a chunk off your sponge and cut off the scrubby side. Plop a bit of your white/silver polish in the mince pie foil (or whatever) and dip the sponge in, dabbing off excess on the side.

3.) Sponge your nails once, about half way down, up to the tip. Once that’s dry (due to the thinness, you should be able to start on the first hand once you’ve done all 10 nails) sponge again from further up. I used Ciate’s Angel Wings for this step.

4.) Plop your glitter polish on your palette (I upturned my mince pie dish) and use the other end of your sponge to glitz-ify your tips. Try to keep the glitter most concentrated towards the tips, and just keep going ‘til they’re glittery enough for you. I used Models Own’s Disco Heaven and China Glaze’s Twinkle Lights (which is a special Christmas glitter!)

5.) Slick on whatever top coat takes your fancy. For glitter, I like using Rimmel’s 60 Second top coat, as it smoothes nicely.

6.) Clean up with the polish remover and cotton buds - your fingers will be utterly covered in polish mess. I prefer a polish remover with acetone.

7.) Show your nails off at all your glamorous Christmas parties (/in front of the TV watching back to back episodes of Blackadder...)

Of all the nail arts in all the world, I think glitter tips are my faves. You can rock them in any colour combo. My personal fave (after Christmas tree nails) is a bright pink with blue glitter tips. I’ll be rocking a silver/gold combo on New Year’s Eve.