This Night Cream Is ALMOST As Good As A Restful Night's Sleep (Not That I've Ever Had One)

I wanted my skincare to be working as hard as I am.
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July 24, 2014
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So about a month or so ago, I was struck by what can only be described as a bolt of genius. I’ve been working approximately one thousand hours a week and it was starting to show on my face. I’m not always able to get a ton of sleep, and when I do, I feel like I could be getting so many other things done instead of wasting my time sleeping. If I absolutely have to get some rest, I might as well improve my skin while doing so, right? I wanted my skincare to be working as hard as I am.

I started looking around for night treatments, masks, serums, or creams that I thought would help hide the results of burning the candle at both ends. I was using an awesome night serum last fall, but I wanted something more hydrating. Come to find out, I already had one that I hadn’t even unboxed that would totally fit the bill!

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Night Recovery Cream, $62.

First of all, it’s Givenchy, which is not just a designer name-drop, but a really fantastic skincare line. This night cream is on the more affordable side of things, but they also sent me a $600 face mask that’s like made of black diamonds or something and I’m afraid to go near it. I know $62 for 1.7oz of a gel moisturizer may sound like a lot, but at this rate, the pot should last me at least six months, so to me, that’s a good purchase. I also have no concept of the value of a dollar.

And here I am in a weird Givenchy top that I saw on Pete Wentz last year and then went out and bought only to realize it makes me look like a Dementor.

But back to skincare. This is a newer addition to Givenchy’s very successful Hydra Sparkling line, which works to boost your skin’s hydration from within.

The Hydra Sparkling Night Recovery Cream is a blast of intense hydration for your skin that helps increase skin’s brightness and hide signs of fatigue even if you, like me, get barely any sleep. We already know that skin looks best when it’s hydrated, so it would make sense to give your face an extra dose of moisture at any chance you get. I just want my skin to be as bright as my new Lambo.

Lucky for me, it’s more of a gel than a cream, so you get a ton of mileage out of it.

I’ve been using mine for about two months and have barely made a dent. It dries down very quickly without any shine, so I’d even venture to say you could wear this out in the daytime if you really wanted to. If you're that serious about your moisturizing your skin, then I'm not going to be the one to stop you. Givenchy says that you can also use this as a mask, but I think wearing this all night is going to be your best bet all around.

My skincare regime was pretty on point already, but I definitely started to see an improvement within a week or two of using this product. My skin tone looked more even, the area around my eyes looked less fatigued, and my face just looked brighter and sure, more luminous. I realize that sounds like a beauty buzzword but the truth is the truth. I love how my skin looks this summer.

Is this sleep in a jar? No, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found. I was debating writing about this because I didn’t want a boring article about night cream to actually put you to sleep, but I kept noticing how good my skin looked, so I couldn’t just keep it to myself. I’m also hoping that I’ll show up in Riccardo Tisci’s Google Alerts.

This is a product that I definitely will be restocking once I run out of it. Do you put anything on your skin at night? If so, what? Should I be wearing more moisturizer when I go to bed? Give me all of your wisdom in the comments.

Tynan is sleep deprived on Twitter @TynanBuck.