Giveaway! The Cutest Soaps EVER For You Dirrrrty Dirrrrty Girls (and Boys)

Seriously, how darling are these?
Publish date:
August 16, 2011
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I'll confess I have an addiction to cool-looking soaps and bath products. I always try and keep extra soaps for company (You know, other than the normal day-to-day junk I LET the people who live with me use) so I can whip out a cool array anytime someone drops by. I'm the kind of girl who wants to be known as the kind of girl who has hand grenade soap in her bathroom.

Kelly McDowell-DeVries is a graphic designer, mother of two boys and the master bubbletician (yes, I just made up that word) behind the Molly Coddle brand and she has generously agreed to gift one of you filthy kittens with a grab bag of some of her yummy vegan soaps!

Seriously, how darling are these?

Awwwww. I think these would be awesome staged in your loo for Halloween, or else how fun would these be in a giftbasket to give to new parents?

I love the idea of these next to the sink on a plate, complete with fork and knife.

These skull hand soaps would look just as cool in your soap dish or arranged in a bowl on your coffee table.

How can you win this fantabulous prize? First, make sure you LIKE the xoJane Facebook page. Then LIKE the Molly Coddle soaps page. Then leave us a comment here after you like both pages, telling us which soap is your favorite! Winner will be chosen a week from today on August 22nd. Now, go forth and enter! Complete set of rules can be found here.