Ooh, I’m so excited to open your submission emails already.
Publish date:
July 7, 2011
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Can I just say that I didn’t MEAN to stand these to look all creepy like the Twin Towers? Did anyone else think that right when I saw them? Or am I instantly being bizarre and horrible? Sorry.

OK, I’m about to put you ALL onto these truly, truly top-notch tinted lip balms from Burts Bees. They’re sooo good, you guys: richly pigmented but not lipstick-y, ultra-emollient without being greasy and getting on your teeth (it happens to me a lot with other things; it’s true).

And the colors (I'm particularly fond of Pink Blossom,the shade on the left) look fantastic seriously on basically everyone -- all of the shades are neutrals that stand out against your skin tone a bit.

SO. I’m giving away 10 of these bad boys (various shades), and thank you Burts Bees for the goods! And what kind of contest should we do? Hmm.

OK, got it: I want 10 photos of 10 readers – one submission each, please! – of you wearing your VERY FAVORITE ALL-TIME LIP COLOR. Like, think the only lip color you’d pick to wear the rest of your life!

Then take a picture of yourself in it. Then take a picture of the product! Then email me a few sentences WITH those two pictures at I'll pick winners based on ... well, I guess which lip colors you sell me on the hardest! Whatever that means. I don't know yet.

The contest is open to legal residents of the U.S. who are 18 years of age and older. Sorry, Papua New Guinea.

The contest runs until Thursday July 14: which means submissions will not be accepted after 12 p.m. EST on that day. Got it?

And comment on something in, duh, the comments section, because I love comments! Just for fun.

Here, I'll throw a question out there for in-depth dicussion: What lip color were you wearing on 9/11? OMIGOSH NO; I AM SOOO JOKING.