LAZY SEXY EASY BEAUTY: How To Air Dry Your Hair Better (No Boring Blow Dryers Allowed)

I resent beauty rituals! They take too long.
Publish date:
June 28, 2011
hair, beauty rituals, Frederic Fekkai, things i resent


Does anyone else suffer from rabid fits of feminine/feminist indignity when they’re slaving away with their blow dryers?

Does anyone else ever suddenly feel livid and bloodthirsty when they’re stuck in the boring, suffocatingly too-steamy shower shaving their legs for the millionth time?

Does anyone else sulk that they’ll never get back that 20 minutes they spent drying their toenails in that dumpy nail salon last week, reading about oral sex techniques in dog-eared winter issues of Cosmopolitan or whatever – reading about oral sex techniques that they mastered 15 years ago, for God’s sake, when they were ‘tweens?! (JOKING.)

My point is, SOMETIMES I’M SO SICK OF SHAVING MY DUMB LEGS. Sometimes I’m sick of detangling, self-tanning, eyelash curling. And again, most of all, sometimes I am SO SICK OF BLOWDRYING MY DUMB HAIR. PERIOD. My whole frigging life is being stolen from me one 1o-minute grooming ritual at a time! Even though my vanity and grooming torment is self-imposed, obvs.

My thoughts go like this: All that time that I spend standing in my stupid bathroom with a round brush and a dryer that men do not? That time adds up, with the final math being that men are living more interesting lives than I get to. (I also KNOW they do, because lamely I spend an hour and a half on Twitter every day reading about them).

It is why, in protest of expectations of some feminine physical ideal – expectations that I IMPOSE UPON MYSELF just so I can resent them! – I rarely bother with the following: manicures, bikini waxes instead of shaving, massages, exercise classes. (You have to make cuts somewhere, and I guess for me it just starts with the sexy basics. Like waxing and working out. )

But rarely do I let myself totally skip blowdrying. My hair dries so wonky!

Until now. This month I’ve totally been loving a product that makes it so that I don’t have to blow dry my hair almost at ALL – just at the roots, no brush, for volume – and the length of my hair, which is damaged with natural wave, separates into the pretty loose piecyness and shape that I’m always trying to score with the brush and dryer. It’s by one of the very best hair brands there is, Frederic Fekkai, and it’s called Essential Shea Tame and Style Pot de Crème and it’s $35.

It’s this really elegant-looking, vaguely fancy beige tub of leave in conditioner/styling product that preserves moisture like crazy, then helps my hair dry not in fluffy or frizzy terrible-ness, but in the beachy-soft way I like it best …. It’s so natural-looking.

Plus, like all Fekkai products it smells insanely good without being too perfume-y or cloying. I run it through my damp hair with my fingers (don’t even bother with a comb), then twist my damp hair around my hands or absentmindedly make a few loose braids in dry in. When you undo the braids after using this Fekkai stuff – oh, it’s just right, I promise.

Err on the lighter side, amount-of-product-wise, and build up: Fekkai products can be heavier, I’ve found. I’ve been shea-buttering-and-braiding all summer so far! And my hair is GOOD right now. No soul-sucking blowdrying hardly at all.

What are your air-drying-your-hair strategies? And does everyone else resent beauty rituals like I do?