It's Gift Guide Season! Buy This Stuff For The Dudes You Know

Whether it's your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband, the guys in our lives need gifts too. Here's what to get 'em.
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December 9, 2015
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It's likely that you know at least one dude who is deserving of a thoughtful gift this year. I know that I'll blow the girly, pampering gifts for the ladies in my life out of the water, but when I set out to write my shopping list for the holidays this year, I was stumped as to what to get the guys in my life.

But, being a writer (and a beauty writer at that), I did some research and came up with a plentiful assortment of foolproof gifts for guys and many of them are super-affordable.

Harry's "Winter Winston" Copper Razor Set ($30,

This razor is chic as hell (plus, the price is nice) , and I want one to shave my legs with. I mean, I already have a Harry's razor in dark blue, but then they came out with this fancy flippin' copper one just for the holidays, and it's —brace yourselves — ENGRAVABLE. You can monogram it like a fancy person! (Or just get it engraved with the word ASS. No judgment.)

The glam handle, a shaving cream or foaming gel (your choice) and 3 of their supreme razor blades all in a gift box for $30 (+$15 for engraving of up to 3 initials). When the blades run out, the refills are very gentle on one's budget. My dad started using Harry's last year, and now he can't stop proselytizing about the quality of the shave. And my pops has been shaving his face and/or head for quite a few decades (I won't tell you how many, he's very young at heart) so I feel like he's pretty knowledgeable in that regard.

MANMADE: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference For Every Man ($22,

Chris Salgardo is the President of Kiehl's, a brand well-known for their unisex pampering products and minimal packaging. Kiehl's guy-marketed products aren't obnoxiously "manly" like others — I'm looking at you, Axe — but rather subtly masculine with mass appeal (it doesn't matter how you identify, we can all benefit from the Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer).

Salgardo definitely understands the grooming needs of modern men, and he lays out his knowledge thoroughly and concisely in this new manual, packed with beautiful photos and illustrations. This makes an ideal gift for, say, kid brothers who are just learning how to spiff themselves up as young adults, or any guy who's looking to up his grooming game.

Minnetonka Double Bottom Fleece Moccasin ($50,

Show me a person who doesn't like having comfy, toasty feet in the dead of winter, and I will determine that they are a strange alien and request that you immediately break ties with this creature.

Everyone deserves to have a great pair of cozy slippers, and Minnetonka footwear is always high-quality, comferz-cozerz goodness. The bonus of buying this pair for someone close to you is that you can steal them back! Everybody wins! (Mostly you.)

Various Goodies From Explorer's Press, ($ - $$)

Based out of Vancouver B.C., Explorer's Press is a design/lifestyle brand with a nostalgic, mildly-cheeky vibe going for it, all the while instilling in the wearer a sense of wanting to run away and, well, explore.

I own a few pieces from the brand and I love the way their little illustrations add some ~flair~ to an outfit. I have the pin version of the Down For Whatever hat because, as my friends know, I love a '70s font. If you've got a guy in your life with a sense of adventure AND a sense of humour, pick him up a few pins from the brand and let him express 'imself.

Baxter Large Comb In Tortoise ($20,

As it turns out, men will totally use a comb for their beard if you give them a comb for their beard. I like this gift because it falls under the category of "you would never buy this for yourself, but you'll definitely use it now that you have it."(Case in point: last year I got this beard comb for my dad.)

This Baxter Comb (in Tortoise!) is the largest the brand makes. Manufactured in Switzerland from acetate, it's handsome-looking — for a comb and all — and gets the job done (combing, that is). Gift a comb! It's the gift that keeps on...combing.

  • What will you be buying for the men in your life this year?
  • What is the best (or worst) gift a man has ever given you? Please appreciate and/or shame them below!