Getting Graphic With Eyeliner (Don’t Be Afraid, Spit And A Cotton Bud Erases All Mistakes!)

Unless someone’s all up in your face scrutinising it, no-one’s really going to notice the odd wobble or smudge. It's only make-up, it doesn't have to be perfect so relax and have fun!

You may know by now that black eyeliner is one of my signature beauty moves – that and a bright red or fuchsia lip. I’ve always sworn by both the kohl and liquid eyeliner from Rimmel as infinitely superior to their pricier equivalents, so when I went along to a Rimmel event this week I was delighted to see it was all in aid of a range of new eye products which included not one but two liquid liners.

The setting for the launch was all groovy and’60s – a chic little moped, jukebox and giant prints of Georgia Jagger looking very ‘Twiggy’ with slicked down, parted hair, pale lips and graphic, monochrome eyes.

Marc Jacobs took the ‘60s as his main influence for his SS/13 collection for Louis Vuitton – bold checkerboard squares, stripes and spots in yellow, white, brown and black – and this theme has made an impression on beauty too as well as popping up all over the high street (seriously, it’s everywhere.)

Make-up-wise, it's an iconic look that can be reinterpreted endlessly; this time around we have strong black lines around the eye that have been broken at points (we saw this at the MAC trend presentation), or that outline the shape of the eyelid. You can go all-out retro with a classic winged flick, or do something more edgy and contemporary.

Recently I’ve been doing a single black line, really close to the lashes, which ends just at the corner of the eye rather than being extended out to the sides, worn with a strong coral lip and a bare face that feels very fresh, sporty and summery. But in the spirit of the ‘retro glam’ Rimmel party, I attempted a couple of ‘60s-style looks (thinking Brigitte Bardot for the first and Liz Taylor in Cleopatra for the second.)

My only advice for applying liquid eyeliner is not to get too stressed about it. It doesn’t matter if the line you’re drawing isn't perfectly straight or if you put too much on – you can neaten it up with a spit-moistened cotton bud (a model tip from Olivia Inge). Unless someone’s all up in your face scrutinising it, no-one’s going to notice the odd wobble or smudge. It's only make-up, it doesn't have to be perfect so relax and have fun!

The Precision Micro Eyeliner is a beautifully sharp, felt-tip-pen style product which gives an inky black line which you can make as thin or as thick as you like. It's also waterproof which is handy. I prefer pen-style liners to the ones that come with a brush applicator because you can get an incredibly neat, delicate line. Just take your time and build it up gradually - you don't have to do it in one single sweep along the lid.

I got a little more camp by using the Thick and Thin Eyeliner which is more like a calligraphy pen than a felt tip to draw a blocky line along my lashes, stopping right at the corner and not extending it out.

I used the Eye Shadow Paint in 'mercury silver' (you just gloop it on with the brush and swoosh it around the lid) followed by lashings of the fattest mascara I've ever seen - 'Retro Glam' - which has a pleasing hourglass-shaped brush and makes lashes thick and feathery. I also unearthed an old Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in a nude shade to complete the '60s beatnik effect.

All in all, highly satisfactory additions to my make-up bag and ones that more than compete with the posh options. I'll use the fine-tipped liner for everyday and the fatter pen for 'fancy' wear and the mascara for both!

Both eyeliners cost £5.40 while the Eye Shadow Paints are £4.99 and all will be on counter from July 10. The Retro Glam mascara is £6.99 and will be available from August 7.