Getting Gorgeous At The Party Supply Store

The best thing about being a weirdo is that every day can be dress-up day. Hooray!
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September 24, 2012
halloween, glitter

In an xoJane editorial meeting approximately a million years ago, I announced that I wanted to write a piece about unexpectedly fabulous products from the party supply store. The idea sat in my brain like a half-baked lump until Alison forwarded this email from a reader named Anna. It said:

"Will you do an article on shopping from the Halloween section? Because I keep finding cute things there to wear every day -- belts, thigh-high striped socks, monster stocking caps. I bet you have some cool ideas on what to cull for the closet!"

So, Anna, I hope you don't mind that I am answering this instead of Alison!

Yes, the party store can be an unexpected source of beauty and wonder. There are so many fun things in that store which you can definitely have a good time with. The best thing about being a weirdo is that every day can be dress-up day. Hooray!

Silly, inexpensive earrings

Don't tell anyone, but one of my favorite pairs of earrings came from Party City on 14th Street. They were $3.99, and they are cloudy plastic skulls with iridescent glitter inside them. Um, I adore them. They were just hanging out on a display by the counter, and were possibly one of my best impulse purchases of all time. They're perfect for when you want a little bit of something hanging from your ear, but don't feel the need to commit to something massive.

The best thing? There are new, weird styles every Halloween! I would definitely wear these "hip hop" (ahem) dollar signs, gold coins, silver disco balls, bats, sparkly bats (in fact, I must insist you drop EVERYTHING and BUY THESE), pink poodles and spiders.

Earrings are a good pick because no matter how cheap they are, they don't (usually) break, and if they do, you can usually fix them with a 2-cent jump ring. The chains on inexpensive necklaces will often snap clean in half, which is a pain in the ass, so unless you see something you TRULY cannot live without, I suggest skipping 'em.

Glitter hairspray

I'm sure some people would say this is a huge no-no, but I think those people should go suck a bug. Glitter hairspray is the best because it makes your hair look like a fairy orgy.

Okay, so, it's not going to work for everyone. There's a very particular kind of hairstyle that benefits most from this. For example, when I had short pink hair and my everyday look was to tease the bejesus out of it and pile it on my head like a wild birds nest, a liberal application of silver glitter hairspray was perfect.

P.S. If your lover doesn't appreciate glitter, this may irk him or her. But it is one of the benefits of dating a babe like YOU (and me). Tell them to learn to love it!

Fun stockings of every possible variety

Truthfully, "weird" fashion has become so mainstream that today, you can buy fancy, highfalutin' versions of practically all the hosiery you'll find at your garden-variety costume store. But if you don't want to spend a trillion zillion dollars on stockings that you may or may not actually wear, the costume store is a great place to flirt with an idea.

For example: vertical stripe thigh highs, rhinestone back seams, wide fishnets, leopard print,skull and crossbones, skeleton leggings or, um, stitches?!

Petticoats for everyone!

Even if you're not a girly-girl, if you own a full skirt of any description, you should have at least one petticoat in your closet. It provides just enough fluff to give your skirt the kind of volume it has always secretly craved.

You can get expensive ones, of course, but I maintain that Leg Avenue petticoats are perfect and do the job just right. I love this long tulle bustle, too, though if you can work it into an everyday ensemble, I will be impressed!

Put it on your noggin!

The Roaring Twenties are making their comeback, and you can play around with the idea inexpensively by picking up a $4 flapper headband, or a $6 one if you're fancy. Deal of the century! Look, don't blame me when The Great Gatsby is finally released and you're the only girl on your friends feed without a flapper headband.

I don't know about you, but I would totally wear this in a blizzard.

P.S. Wow. Modeling Halloween costumes must be a blast. And, unsurprisingly, I love this.

False eyelashes and temporary tattoos!

When it comes to lashes, just do it. I love these Monster High temporary tattoos (Glitter! Diamonds! Kiss prints!), and these Fantasy Garden tattoos come complete with unicorns, fairies, and all the flowers you can poke a stick at.

Odds and ends...

I would probably wear this snow queen tiara in my daily life. Ditto these sparkling gem hair extensions.

Let's not even get into home decor during Halloween. Actually, LET'S. I will write another piece about it! (I have skull mugs all over my house, which I have been using for a long time.)

P.S. If you want to feel good about life, click on the large image of this costume, save it, then set it as your desktop background. It will work, I promise.