Get Your Hair Did With Nnekay: The Twist Out

I’ve clocked hundreds of hours through-out the years brutalizing my hair and have finally figured this shit out.
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March 18, 2013
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I live my life in an absolute state of laziness. If it takes any effort you can pretty much assume I’m not going to do it.

For instance, breakfast yesterday consisted of a cola and some gummy bears I found in my car. It was awesome, but it might be the root of my recent stomach issue.

Of course I’m not talking about my job, I throw my heart into being a librarian day in and day out, but those fucking torture traps known as high heels can kiss my butthole. I love low impact style -- it’s the reason there are so many layering basics in my wardrobe. If I could roll through life in a garbage bag and some chucks, I would cinch the bag with a belt and go kick ass at life.

Now, I do have one obsession: HAIR. My hard on for hair is so bad that I will spend hours watching YouTube videos of tutorials on the same hair style just to get the full scope of how to do it. My boyfriend calls these YouTube gals “my friends” and you know what -- they are!

A good friend will always be there to demystify the secrets of beauty, and so my lovely XOJane Readers, I will be that friend for you! I’ve clocked hundreds of hours through-out the years brutalizing my hair and have finally figured this shit out. I’m not one to brag, but when strangers at work can’t keep their hands off your mane, true… it’s SO problematic, but I’ll take the weird and ass backwards compliment, considering people generally do not like touching nasty things.

Obviously, your hair will probably turn out slightly to amazingly different than mine looks in the pictures -- but I’m hoping that my tutorials will give at least a little insight into how to manage that crop of wonderfulness sprouting from your noggin.

Shall we begin?

The Twist Out

The twist out is perfect for adding definition to your curls and beach waves for all of you who are curl challenged. This is a night prep style, meaning the majority of the work is done before dreamland. Sure you aren’t the cutest while you sleep, but do you really want people checking you out while you snore into your pillow?

I’m a fancy face and do a variation of the twist out every night, but I would suggest trying this when you want a little bit of structure for your hair.

Length: 4 inches -- butt cheek length (which is a personal goal of mine) 

Products: water, spray bottle, some bobby pins, a hair tie, and a light leave-in conditioner


Step One: Starting with dry hair, create a part that you would want for the next day.

Using your fingers, gently detangle your hair. Separate a medium sized chunk and use your hair tie or bobby pins to keep the rest of your hair away. Keep in mind the size of the hair chunk, the smaller amount of hair the more definition, but don't get too tiny or you'll end up looking like you have a jeri curl and that shit ain't cute. Trust.

Step Two: Take your spray bottle, fill it with water, and give the section a little spritz- don’t soak it, just a light mist- like you ran through a foggy enchanted forest. Then add a dab of your leave in conditioner. I make my own, because I’m one of those hippy hipsters that listen to Fleet Foxes, but just about any leave in will do. The water moisturizes the hair while the conditioner locks it in.

Step Three: Divide this chunk into two sections. Hold one section in your right hand and the other in your left.

Twirl the right section around your index finger.

One or two twirls will do, then pinch this section of hair with your index finger and thumb.

Pass the left un-twirled section OVER the right section and grab the left section with your right middle finger.

Pass the twisted section to your left hand.

Then repeat till you get to the end of your hair. If your hair is dry at the tips (like mine) add a little more water and leave in. The end results should resemble a pretty rope.

Continue this process all over the rest of your head.

Step Four: If you have dense curly hair, then it will stay twisted. If you have straight hair, you will have to secure it with either a bobby pin or a hair tie. The ends of my hair are super heat damaged so I like to use perm rods to force curl back into my sad strands.

I must warn you these are not a picnic to sleep on, but if you cluster them toward the back of your head it’s tolerable.

If you have a silky scarf, wrap your head gently and go to sleep! I have what’s called a Silk Bonnet.

You can get them at any black lady beauty shop. If you live in the Midwest, welp, there is always Amazon.


Unravel the twist; if you have straight hair, just shake and you’re done! If you have curly hair, separate the sections until you reach your desired fullness. This is usually when the major transformation happens for me.

Now your hair is soft, textured, and ready for the world. I usually slap in some bobby pins to give it shape and VOLIA! Done, glam, fabulous.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and tell me, what’s your favorite leave-in conditioner? Share that beauty wealth!